It makes good teaching, good learning.

As a current student who hopes to work in the school system, I believe there are a variety of traits that represents “good teaching.” One important aspect of “good teaching,” is the ability to clearly state what is expected of their students.

For good teachers the day is never done.

In fact a good relationship creates many advantages between both teacher and student.

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Anyone can get good student evaluations by lowering their standards, being popular, and by pandering to the masses." Good teachers tend to discount the positive evaluations, however numerous they may be; less-good teachers tend to discount the negative evaluations, however numerous they may be.

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I wish I could apologize to them, or at least find out more about what I did wrong." The not-so-good teachers also do not trust student evaluations, but they distrust them for difference reasons.

In this essay I want to talk about ten of the qualities that make a good teacher.

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The answer to this question may seem like an obvious one to many because a teacher and a student should always strive to have a good relationship in order to fare well in the classroom.

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My hope is that my readers will be inspired to think far less about what I have noticed makes a good teacher than about what they themselves have noticed.

Readers who want to know what Pete has noticed about good teaching are welcome to read on.

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I have noticed that good teachers try to keep their students off balance, forcing them to step into challenges that they are not at all sure they can handle.

Good Teachers Take RisksThey set themselves impossible goals, and then scramble to achieve them.

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For some risky activities it may be best not to ask permission, partly because the risks that good teachers take are not really all that risky, and partly because it is, after all, easier to get forgiveness than to get permission.

The good teachers I know find that they are as busy teaching two courses as teaching three.

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For instance, a good relationship produces a good environment within the classroom, which can be a vital point to the success of both teacher and student....