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She’s a manipulative bitch (Juri’s pov), sweet girl (Miki), the competition (Kozue), sister/witch/good girl (Akio), rose bride (Anthy’s own pov), friend/victim (Utena), loser/mirror (Nanami), threat (Kanae), possession (Saionji), road to power (Touga), and obstacle to be removed (Mikage). But is Anthy tru ly all those things? Is she any of them?!

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Anthy is the prince’s little sister, and the prince is Dios, whom the audience knows as the ghost who comes down from the castle of eternity to possess Utena. Dios of course is Anthy’s big brother, whom in the present is Akio aka World’s End. In the Tale of the Rose, Akio reveals key facts about Anthy (but not without bias):

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Though primarily concerned with The Enchantress of Florence and Demian, this essay wraps its themes together with a lovely dose of Utena.

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Himemiya Anthy is a mystery, a multi-faceted character immensely confusing to the other characters of Revolutionary Girl Utena, not to mention the fans. Mistress of the one-liner, she doles out facial expressions like there’s a famine, and switches from victim to puppet-mistress in frames so short that they’re liable to be missed by those unfortunate enough to blink. Ohtori Academy’s denizens themselves are divided as to who Anthy really is…

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The fairytale memory we are presented with in episode one (and repeatedly thereafter) of the little princess being rescued by the prince is later revealed to have undergone severe editing. In episode 34: Seal of the Rose, Akio walks Utena through her memories, revealing to the audience a third character present at the moment of Utena’s inspiration to become a prince. This naturally is Anthy, whose dire fate compels Utena to want to rescue her.

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Courtesy of the Duchess of the Antipodes, a Five-Word Utenafic (that seems to owe something to ):
"This's surreal." "Yes, my Prince."

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What we see about Anthy of the present is that her perpetual sacrifice has made her a sacrificer of others. She is a secret priestess (not recognized as such by most of her victims), stabbing her dagger in wherever Akio points her. She has no qualms about playing the piano for Miki (the exact song to stab him through and through), handin g the orange rose to Juri, getting engaged to the Kaoru twins’ father, refusing to call Kanae sister, lying in a coffin for Saionji and Utena, shoving apple into Kanae’s mouth, encouraging Mikage to make black rose duelists, and asking Utena to deliver flowers (well perhaps a small qualm). She acts again and again to manipulate duelists into dueling, and takes an active role in forcing duelists into abusing her (specifically chosen words/taunts to rile up Saionji, Nanami, Juri, and even Akio). Nothing Anthy does is innocent, although it usually has the outward appearance of innocence.

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Appearing in every episode, she’s obviously pivotal to the storyline. Anthy not only stars in the opening and closing credits, she’s the motivation (ostensibly) for the duels or at least for Utena dueling (eventually), and she’s the main focus of the very closing credits. As rose bride she holds the means (somehow) for the victor of the duels to revolutionize the world. Revolutionary Girl Utena is arguably in large part the story of Anthy, of what she was, what she has become, and what she will be. This essay examines that story in past, present and future time frames, in each instance looking to answer the questions: