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Jane Smiley's "A Thousand Acres" has long beencompared to Shakespeare's "King Lear"; while there are manysimilarities to the classic play, one can readily argue that there are just asmany departures from "King Lear," as well.

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A Thousand Acres and King Lear: A New Twist

When Jane Smiley wrote A Thousand Acres, she consciously made the story parallel to Shakespeare's King Lear for several reasons.

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Unlike King Lear, A Thousand Acres has one of the "bad" daughters as its narrator, which provides insight into the bitter conflict that undoes the family in the end.

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King Lear: Philosophically a thousand acres essay Re-Mastered “Shakespeare.

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Jul 25,  2014 · ENG4U1 Comparative Essay between, A Thousand Acres by Jane  Smiley and King Lear by Shakespeare.

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The Tragic Genre from  Classical to Contemporary: King Lear  a essay on leonardo da vinci and A Thousand Acres.

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