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The rising college fee has negatively affected the living standards of families educating one of their own in college (Lankford 85). Due to the high cost of college education and the need to educate their children, parents have decided to employ various cost-saving measures to meet the demand of college fees. Some of these measures include reducing expenditures at home for the parents and other members of the family. Moreover, the comfort that the student would wish to enjoy at college is reduced due to the increased costs. The students are forced to add a roommate at college so that they can share the cost of rent.

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Okay, back to reality. The best that you can hope for is thatyour incomewill rise faster than your expenses. Yes, maybe working a little harderwill impress the boss, but that's not one of the more likely strategiesto increasing your income. When I was living in Irvine, and confrontingfinancial reality, I was rather stuck. My wife had just had our firstbaby,and there was no realistic way for her to make enough money to pay ababysitter,and still come out with any net increase in income. (Not that either ofus was keen on that anyway.) I went out and found a moonlighting jobtakinginventories in stores. This was a job that started at 9:00 PM and endedtypically about midnight. After working all day long, this was agruelingexperience. The pay wasn't much--$7 an hour--but any increase in incomewithout a corresponding increase in spending is a win. Fortunately,another,better moonlighting opportunity came along a few weeks later, doingsoftwaredevelopment for $20 an hour. I did this for about five months, and theextra money provided the downpayment we needed for our first house.

thus increasing their cost of living.

Make sure that whatever moonlighting job you get doesn'tinvolve drivingan extra 200 miles a week to bring in $50 net taxes. That will be a lotof work for little or no net gain. Also make sure that you don't impairyour effectiveness at your day job. It is better to work harder and geta better than average raise.

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The effects of high college costs have led many parents to withdraw some of their retirement savings to cater for their children’s education (Vedder 123). Consequently, their old age is not guaranteed financially because once the savings have been used up, getting money to survive will be difficult at old age. Another consequence that results from the high college fees is that the withdrawals from the retirement savings may be counted by the government as taxable income. As a result, the family’s financial conditions may worsen. Furthermore, when the parents decide to pay college fees using their retirement savings, they unknowingly reduce the eligibility of the students to get loans. Since loans are given on the basis of one’s needs, any indication that the parents have the capacity to pay the fees can jeopardize the student’s chance of getting financial aid.

The cost of child care is rising quickly in Canada, in some cities increasing by as much as 20 per cent from three years ago.

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A lot of people misunderstand how much extra they are gainingfrom havingboth parents working full-time. Remember the marginal tax rate issue wediscussed earlier in the series? If Mom is working full-time, grossing$3,000 extra per month, on top of Dad's $3,500 a month, how much extrado they actually get to keep? Perhaps $2,000 extra a month, assumingthatyou have a house mortgage. Out of this, you have the commuting costs,daycare costs (if the kids are still small), extra money on clothes (ifMomhas to get dressed up for her work), the cost of lunches out--and then,because both of you are exhausted at the end of the day, a lot moredinnersout, or pizzas delivered. Yes, there is actually a net gain from Momworking--butonce you figure in those other costs, you may be astonished at howlittleit turns out to be.


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The cost of college education in the United States has become very high over a short period of time. From 2001 to 2011, two-year college institutions had increased their cost by about 55% (Archibald 22). This is a very short period for such a high increase in the cost of college education. This high cost of education has come at a time when education is perceived to be critical to a better life and high earnings in America. Therefore, the high cost of college education has affected different stakeholders and has had several negative consequences. This essay will explore both the effects of the ever-rising cost of college education and its consequences on different stakeholders. High levels of college drop outs, low college enrollment and students helping in paying fees are some of the effects and consequences of the rising college costs (Kane 196). Moreover, low living standards for families and parents using their retirement savings to pay college fees constitute effects and consequences of rising costs of college education (Vedder 104).