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(Harris, 2002) These factors including scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost are the reasons that an economy is considered in a recession and how something like this happens....

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Economics is the study of how to best allocate scarce resources among competing uses.

and countries manage to deal with the problem of scarcity

Resources: the land, labor, and capital that are used to produce goods and services - scarce labor – the time human beings spend producing goods and services capital – long lasting tools used in producing goods and services physical capital: buildings, machinery, equipment human capital: ski...

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Danielle Knight stated that “The true source of is not scarcity but policy; not inevitability but politics, the real culprits are economies that fail to offer everyone opportunities, and societies that place economic efficiency over compassion.” The author is trying to say that, basically, world hunger is mainly caused by us humans.

He further states more succinctly, that economics is the science of scarcity....

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Health economics is widely relevant to governments and the health sector in implementation of new policy, as it concerns the allocation of resources in the context of a limited budget, or 'scarcity'.

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One might think that water is obviously scarce in every desert, but study authors wrote that the problem is worse in the Arabian Desert because of the irrigation intensity and higher population density.

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The Earth has enough total water for all needs. However, scientists involved in the research explained that the main problem is that freshwater is not always available in every region where it is needed, when it is needed, because of disadvantaged physical location or deficiencies in water use in terms of social or economic implications.

Economics is the study of how society manages to run its scarce resources.

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Since people are mistaken by “scarcity is the real cause of this problem”, governments and institutions are starting to solve food shortage problems by increasing food production, while there really is an excess of food in some countries.

Scarcity is the fundamental economic problem of having seemingly unlimited human needs and wants, in a world of limited resources.

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But if the human wants were limited, he would have been able to satisfy them easily and the society would be getting optimal benefits from its scarce resources which is called ‘Efficiency’ in economics....

The work produced [Haug, 2007; May, 2008] offer an explanation of the consequences to take extreme risks in economies (extreme risk)....

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The economic view provides a robust language for understanding the basic physical reality of scarcity, and the varied human beliefs and responses we take as we attempt to deal with that scarcity.