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Family feud, illnesses, influences, and witchcraft are potential concepts of the witchcraft hysteria that caused the deaths of nineteen people and unforgivable scars and pain for dozens more.

The Salem Witch Trials are one such conflict.

She was accused of telling the Salem girls about voodoos and witchcraft from her native origin.

The trials caused hysteria in Salem Village.

Both in the realm of the scholarly world and pop-society of American social order, the Salem Witch Trials have interested gatherings of people from directly after they happened throughout the twentieth century.

The Salem witch trials created many innocent deaths.

Arthur Miller comments on why he wrote such a story: “Upham had not only written a broad and thorough investigation of what was even then an almost lost chapter of Salem's past but opened up to me the details of personal relationships among many participants in the tragedy.” Miller accomplished his goal of portraying the intimate lives of people involved in the witch trials, and gives his readers a thrilling yet accurat...

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In 1662, several Wethersfield residents were implicated in the Hartford witchcraft hysteria, the first widespread witch panic in New England history. Two separate but equally disturbing incidents triggered the panic: the “diabolical possession” of Hartford resident Ann Cole and the fatal illness suffered by eight-year-old Elizabeth Kelly. Young Kelly’s damning last words “Goody Ayers chokes me!” were enough to set witch accusations flying. In all, eight people were formally charged; three, and possibly a fourth, were executed. Wethersfield residents Katherine Palmer and James Wakeley were both among the formally accused, yet neither was tried; both names appear in Rhode Island records shortly thereafter, suggesting they fled for their safety.

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During this time in our nation’s history at this place more than one hundred and fifty people, residents of Salem Village, were accused of practicing witchcraft and consorting with the devil.

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That is what many men and women faced throughout the
Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusettes during the hot,
muggy summer of 1692.

In 1692 and 1693 the Salem witch trials took place in Salem Massachusetts.

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Between being pressed against large stones for a confession, or being thrown into the river to test for witchcraft, the people of Salem were in a mass hysteria....

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The people of Salem were caught up in a hysteria of accusing many innocent woman of witchcraft, even though it started as just a couple young girls who had acted strangely....