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Readers and writers should be on the lookout for both inadequate reasoning and tangential or even fallacious reasoning. One fine online guide to logic is at , and another is at . If an essay commits a logical fallacy, it is yours to judge whether that fallacy only weakens the argument in a minor way, or catastrophically. You should assign a score accordingly and explain your judgment on the peer review form.

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In this lesson, we will learn how to peer review an essay for grammar

Consider an essay whose basic score is 25: it answers the basic question well with no more than minor flaws. Its writer acts professionally throughout the writing and reviewing process. It thoroughly addresses the question, includes a somewhat vague or tangential introduction, progresses clearly and paragraphs coherently, consults all relevant sources (but one only shallowly), cites all its sources in an appropriate format, and has five grammatical or spelling errors. The reviewer would adjust the basic score as follows:

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What most applicants fail to do is to define the best practices for reviewing the essays. Here are 4 Best Practices for Reviewing Essays.

How to Write an Essay on Epistemology.

Review is an essay writing assignment that should give a critical, well-argumentative evaluation of the fact or the event

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