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Rather than being an untutored or naive form of poetry, projective verse is the most difficult to write; not only is it the most new, it is also capable of including, and sometimes does include, the old shapes of iambs and metric counts and rhymes and near rhymes." The Charles Olson who described rhyme as "the dross of verse" in "I, Mencius, Pupil of the Master..." would probably not have agreed with McClure's assertion that projective verse "sometimes does include...the old shapes of iambs and metric counts and rhymes and near rhymes," but it is clear that projective verse remains for McClure a living tradition, as it was for poets like Larry Eigner and Robert Duncan and continues to be for Diane di Prima, Sharon Doubiago, George Quasha, Charles Stein, and Jake Berry, who was favored by what he believes to have been a ghostly visitation of Charles Olson.

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In his influential 1950 essay "Projective Verse" Olson ..

Once Olson established the form projective verse should take, ..

In Olson's poem "The Librarian" (1957) traditional distinctions between the mind and external reality evaporate.In his influential 1950 essay "Projective Verse" Olson defined poetry in terms of the dynamic world his contemporaries were discovering: "A poem is energy transferred from where the poet got it ...

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Even the New Formalist poet Paul Lake--who criticizes Olson--admits in "Verse That Print Bred" (published in the anthology) that "Projective Verse" "has proved to be hugely influential, amounting to something like a theoretical cornerstone to the Black Mountain poets, as well as to later writers of free verse; and today it continues to influence strongly even poets who have never read it." Paul Nelson, a poet younger than any of the ones I have mentioned--and who was deeply moved by the work of Michael McClure--recently opened a discussion with me about projective verse.

Olson wound up the essay with a discussion of the content a projective poem should take up.

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-- The editors' decision not to include "Projective Verse" in a book dealing with the major currents of the twentieth century suggests that--at least in their opinion--the essay did not have a lasting influence; indeed, Rothenberg points out that "there is no projective verse to speak of" in the anthology.* In contrast, Michael McClure, in his book, , writes that "My poetry is not written in free verse, but in a poetics that Charles Olson called projective verse:

Those who have not read my poetry before will discover that I write with a breath line and that I listen to the syllable as it appears in my voice or on the tip of my pen or on my screen or on my field of energies.

According to his essay Projective Verse, Olson did believe poems to reflect true, sincere feelings.

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In May I was fortunate enough to spend a week with the Charles Olson Research Collection at Archives and Special Collections in the Thomas J. Dodd Center, principally examining the unpublished correspondence between Charles Olson and Henry Murray. This seemingly unlikely link between Olson, the larger-than-life poet turned pedagogue and rector of experimental arts college at Black Mountain – and Murray, a personality psychologist and director of the Harvard Psychological Clinic – is the focus of my current research, through their concurrent work on projection and the projective: Olson’s “Projective Verse,” a poetics essay published in 1950, and Murray’s projective psychological test, the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).

The aim of this work is a short analysis of Charles Olson's "Projective Verse" and ..

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[Dr Margaret Sonmez] A style of poetry innovated by American poet Charles Olson in his 1950 essay ‘Projective Verse’ and adopted by others of the Black Mountain poets.

there is an early draft of Olson’s famous/infamous essay on his Projective Verse notions.

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