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The legal position of professionals in individual sports differs depending on the activity and even, on occasion, between athletes in the same sport. Their legal status often depends on what athletes must do to train and qualify for competition in their sports. This can depend on individuals such as a manager or promoter in boxing or membership in a professional organization that restricts eligibility such as in golf or tennis. Professional sports make some pretensions to the notion of what constitutes professionalism within the wider society, with coaching certificates and a distinct language of technicality. As a distinct cash-flow dynamic develops, there is more open acceptance of commercial structures within sports. The lack of reverence associated with professionalism develops because the activity and its outcome are not ends in themselves. Traditionally, people are fearful of commercialism within sports because of an implicit belief that commercialism has the capacity to infect and destroy those institutions in which commercialism has become increasingly central to their culture.

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In 1948, Congress passed the combat exclusion law that prohibited women in the Air Force, Marines, and Navy to hold combat positions; however, the Army can assign these duties as they see fit (Schroeder).

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Professionalism grows depending on the time and service they have in the Marine Corps.

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Notably, almost 100 years following the split, the amateurs of the Rugby Union decided to open their sport and allowed professionals both on and off the field. There has since been an increasing amount of cross-fertilization between the codes. The importance of this example, however, relates to the timescale involved.

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As sports performers participate in an event where revenues are generated, it is only a short step for them to demand recompense because those revenues depend on their involvement in the sport or activity. The process of change and adaptation within sports has been a slow yet inexorable one overall; however, the rate and acceptance of change has varied for different sports. In rugby, the split between the northern English clubs and the southern English clubs in 1895 led to the formation of two distinct sporting forms: a union of amateurs and a league of professionals. The eligibility criteria imposed by the southern amateurs were so strict that even playing on a rugby league pitch could lead to banishment from the union game. Given the fractured nature of class relations in late nineteenth century England, it is not surprising that attitudes hardened on both sides.

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It obviously achieved the best results against a less modern or less prepared army, but it could also defeat equally equipped armies which used lesser tactics.

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The exact relationship between the notion of professionalism and the development of commercialism within sports can be seen in the growth of professional organizations within the sports context. This process can be best described as the professionalization of the sporting structure. Many believe that amateurism within sports is still desirable. This is evident within the Olympic context, where the authorities still relate some of the robust and worthy qualities associated with amateurism to the ongoing Olympics project, even though the term amateur was officially removed from the Olympic Charter in 1972.