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The discussions I developed during the practicum revolved around the significance of engaging in a practical course particularly in community health institutions. However, the entire goal of the practicum remained relevant and core towards skill improvement (Whitaker, 2004, p. 29). For example, by the end of the practicum, it was clear that I had developed confidence and experience in specific roles, which I could perform according to applicable health care standards. The whole practicum was designed to improve personal engagement in collaborate roles and build strong ethical standard, a measure that will later be used to rank all the participants who took part in different fields. The need to create a foundation for high quality, safe and cost-effective health care services improves with the desire to take managerial duties in a health care institution. Apart from the general experiences I managed to gather from the various field activities, my engagement and regular contact with patients enabled me to develop a feeling of identification with the community resources (Whitaker, 2004, p. 30). It established appropriate measures of ensuring that patients respond to behavioral assistance given to them when under attack and that the mental health components helped patients under medication to successfully recover from surgical experiences.

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Self-Evaluation Criteria
1. Breed an environment of excitement for learning through motivation and leadership. 2. Articulate clear expectations, goals, objectives/learning outcomes, and course requirements. 3. Communicate effectively with learners as well as colleagues to meet learning outcomes. 4. Facilitate learning experiences with teaching strategies that are appropriate for diverse learning preferences/learning needs and where learners are actively engaged in the learning process.
5. Seek, inquire, and implement current evidence-based best practices and proven instructional strategies in learner settings. 6. Adopt standards-based learner assessment and evaluation practices to measure students’ levels of achievement. 7. Facilitate effective learning through timely and meaningful feedback. 8. Create learning experiences where learner’s prior experience and knowledge are both acknowledged and built on.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Collaborated with others to adapt instructional/curriculum plans to meet learning outcomes. 40
Adopted standards-based assessment practices to measure students’ levels of achievement. 40
Articulated clear expectations, goals, learning outcomes, and course requirements. 40
Used teaching strategies appropriate for diverse learning preferences and learning needs. 40
Communicated professionally and effectively with learners as well as colleagues. 40
Created learning experiences where learner’s prior experience and knowledge are both acknowledged and built on. 40
Facilitated learning experiences where learners are actively engaged in the learning process. 40
Increased learner motivation and engagement by contextualizing student experiences. 40
Facilitated effective learning through timely and meaningful feedback. 40
Followed APA guidelines for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources. 30
Total: 390

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