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Our model was the bookcase, on whose shelves we have gathered and continue to collect hundreds and hundreds of publications by theme. Every Collection in our Atlas tells a particular story, conveys a specific viewpoint from which to observe the last 20 years of contemporary architecture. A long, patient job of cataloguing, done by hand: image after image, project after project, post after post. Behind all this there is the certainty that we can do better than the fast, distracted web we know today, where the prevailing business model is: "you make money only if you manage to distract your readers from the contents of your own site." With divisare we want to offer the possibility, instead, of perceiving content without distractions. No "click me," "tweet me, "share me,” "like me." No advertising. banners, pop—ups or other distracting noise.

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Marshall’s was not the only attempt to see economic science as essentially a consequence of measurability. An interesting point of view in this regard was presented in an essay in 1893 by an eminent American contemporary of Marshall, Simon Patten. Inthe classical economic system, Patten explained, economics was unfortunately divorced from utilitarianism.

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It will be seen in subsequent chapters that the classification of definitions of the economic point of view into Types A and B is far from an exhaustive one. The voluminous literature since the turn of the century dealing with the problem of definition reveals, indeed, the entire range of formulations that are discussed in this essay. Nevertheless, it remains true that the most outstanding development in the history of the problem is the switch from the search for a department of human affairs to which the adjective “economic” applies, to the search for the appropriate of affairs in which economic concepts are of relevance. (It should be noticed that almost all the numerous formulations of the specific point of view of economic science are considered by theirauthors, not as describing a new science, but as offering a more consistent characterization of the existing discipline.) The emergence of the Type B definitions is reflected in a considerable body of literature on the continent as well as in the English–speaking countries. Type A definitions are treated in the second chapter of this essay, and the transition to Type B definitions is traced in the sixth chapter. Type B definitions are associated especially with the name of Professor Robbins, whose work of 1930 has had an outstandingly stimulating effect on all subsequent discussions.

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Killing the Angel in the House was part of the occupation of a woman writer.” —Virginia WoolfIn her 1931 speech “Professions for Women,” Virginia Woolf wields a polemic against the "Angel in the House," the Victorian archetype of a selfless, sacrificial woman who devotes herself to soothing, flattering, and comforting the men around her. Taking this text and the exhibition Soft Skills as points of departure, poets Corina Copp and Diana Hamilton will address routines of feminized sociality—including communication and care—in and through the work of writing.Building on her recent work on humor in Chantal Akerman’s films, Copp will present a performance-lecture set in motion by Frances Stark's telephone motif as "performance-dress." Talking through vocal imitations and dialogic repetitions in cinema, Copp’s performance will culminate in a theatrical script that models the emotional labor of phone conversations.Hamilton's book of poetry, Okay, Okay, focuses on crying in the workplace (among other inappropriate places), collecting, for example, women's strategies for hiding their tears, together with managerial advice about keeping it together and paranoid descriptions of office floorplans.

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