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Another good idea at the course planning stage is to check your students majors on the course roster, or, in the absence of a course roster, ask someone in the department about the kinds of students you are likely to have. If the majority of your students come from within your discipline, it might be reasonable to assume that they have certain kinds of background knowledge, skills and experience. On the other hand, if a large number of students come from outside your discipline, you might have to recalibrate. Finding out about your students majors in advance can also help you think about how to build effectively on their prior knowledge to make the material in your class relevant and engaging. For example, if a number of students in an anthropology class come from the design department, using examples and illustrations that relate to different cultural aesthetics or the use of objects in diverse cultural contexts will help students connect their disciplinary knowledge to the new material they are learning and to see its relevance to their own interests and future work.

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The learning experience with her throughout the semester is very pleasing and fun.

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In investigating Web resources for Mac on this concept, several sites indicated using the algorithm with instructions to multiply the digits as whole numbers (here 32*16 = 512), then count up the number of decimal places indicated in the problem (here 5) and then to use that number of places in the final answer. If extra zeroes are needed (here 2), place them before the digits in the whole number answer. This kind of wording, which I purposely made less than mathematically precise, is what a 5th grader might typically remember from only an algorithm. Notice that the learner's answer (0.0512) did have five digits (places used incorrectly) and two zeroes preceding 512. The answer should have been 0.00512.

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"Differentiating instruction means creating multiple paths so that students of different abilities, interest or learning needs experience equally appropriate ways to absorb, use, develop and present concepts as a part of the daily learning process. It allows students to take greater responsibility and ownership for their own learning, and provides opportunities for peer teaching and cooperative learning" (para. 2).

All of this has been a treasured learning experiencethat will be looked upon years to come.
Finally, in English 114B I was given the opportunity to expand what I learned in English 114A....

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Gardner’s (1983) multiple intelligences theory incorporates bodily-kinaesthetic action that demonstrates how children learn to master their bodies to express feelings and ideas. The dance experience will initiate an interest and provide an opportunity as “we learn about our bodies, abilities and potential – we learn about ourselves through the art of movement” (Wright, 2011, p. 95). The children will be able to freely and respectfully express themselves through dance and body action that incorporates locomotor, non-locomotor skills, eye/hand and eye/foot coordination. The benefits of dance are encompassing as children learn to “become healthier, more open, confident, imaginative, expressive and courageous” (Wright, 2011, p. 104) that builds on social, linguistic and cultural capital (Arthur, Ashton and Beecher, 2014).

During the past couple of weeks, I have beenfortunate enough to experience this from both the teacher and learner perspective.

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This year I learned what kind of writing I like, how I write efficiently and fluently, and how I changed as a writer....

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Trips to Roman Bath and international sites of classical interest, such as Pompeii and Athens, run to complement the curriculum and pupils have the opportunity to see regular plays in Stratford-Upon-Avon and High Wycombe. Each year, girls also travel to Cambridge to enjoy the experience of seeing a play performed in Greek.