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9. Spadework by Timothy Findley – It might seem like an odd choice but this book came to me when I was searching for a path to take in my life. Then through this book I found the world of Stratford, art, artists, the theatre, and Wolf Blass Yellow Label red wine. I wanted to be involved in an artistic community like the one in the book, So I decided to move. This book is the reason why I love red wine and have so many wonderful creative friends I met during my travels. It quite literally changed my life in very real and physical ways.

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Timothy Irving Frederick Findley was born in Toronto, Ontario, on October 30, 1930

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Findley is considered a postmodern writer, because his work tampers with traditionally conceived notions of history and genre. Most of his work is set in the past, whether the Biblical prehistory of Not Wanted on the Voyage, the fifteenth century of Elizabeth Rex, the First World War of The Wars and The Piano Man’s Daughter (1995), and the Second World War of Famous Last Words (1981). His novels often employ famous literary and historical figures as characters: the biblical Noah and his family inhabit Not Wanted on the Voyage, Famous Last Words (1981) is narrated through Ezra Pound’s character Hugh Selwyn Mauberley, Headhunter (1993) contains Kurtz from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and Pilgrim (1999) features psychiatrist Carl Jung. His writing often uses popular literary genres, such as fantasy in Not Wanted on the Voyage, peculative fiction in Headhunter, and mystery in The Telling of Lies, but in a way that complicates the formulas of these genres. Thematically, his writing tends to explore the lives of people vulnerable to the powers of mainstream institutions, whether Hollywood (The Butterfly Plague), psychiatry (Headhunter and Pilgrim), or religion (Not Wanted on the Voyage). His characters often suffer violence and mental illness in a sinister social setting, one in which the politically powerful control sexuality, creativity, and intellectual freedom. In this sense his early novel The Wars exhibits many traits of Findley’s later works; set during the First World War, it is a war novel and a romance, but it also examines how people survive the traumas of social and family life by manipulating memory, as shown through interwoven flashbacks, repetition of scenes, and the motif of the photograph. It also criticizes inhuman political systems—the war machine in this case— and shows empathy for those groups (such as animals, children, and the ill) who are at the mercy of those systems. (by Vivian Zenari)

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Timothy Findley, , , writer, actor, playwright (born 30 October 1930 in Toronto; died 20 June 2002 in Brignoles, France). An Officer of the Order of Canada and two-time winner of the Governor General’s Award, Timothy Findley was accomplished as an actor, novelist, and playwright, and was one of the most singular and influential talents of his generation.

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Timothy Findley, OC, O Ont, writer, actor, playwright (born 30 October 1930 in Toronto; died 20 June 2002 in Brignoles, France).

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Timothy Findley, OC, O Ont, writer, actor, playwright (born 30 October 1930 in Toronto; ..

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He published his first novel,The Last of the Crazy People, in 1967 and the second,The Butterfly Plague, in 1969. But Findley’s real breakthrough came with . Published in 1977 (it would appear as afeature, with a script by the author, in 1983), The Wars won the and an international reputation.

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Findley received numerous awards for his work. In addition to being a two-time winner of the Governor General’s Award, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada (1986) and was also made a Chevalier dans L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government in 1996. The City of Toronto Book Award, the (Ontario) Trillium Award, a Mystery Writers of America "Edgar", two Canadian Authors Association awards, the Toronto Arts Award in Writing and Publishing, and several honorary doctorates are among the honours bestowed upon him. In 1986–87 he presided over the Canadian division of PEN International. He was active in anti-censorship and other causes, and in 1991 was named to the Order of Ontario.