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The cover letter is to have a great impact. is a piece of paper that is made such that when folded and glue can be used to send the mail. persuasive letter example based on His form, the cover can be divided into four kinds, namely: Banker- this cover open sections lengthwise, Pucket Envelopes- cover open short passage, Window Envelopes- wearing wraparound windows with glass lid and the paper used for letters telegeram, Aperture Envelopes – cover as window envelopes but did not wear cellophane

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I therefore changed my idea to writing a persuasive article and this is my final piece.

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Can you make it rhyme?
rhetorical questions - you could write 'What are you waiting for?'
rule of three - repeat something three times to make the reader pay attention and to emphasise your point
use the word YOU to really focus your readers - make them feel involved and want to come to your park
command - tell your reader what to do.

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Psycho pharmaceuticals / psychiatric medications
Are we, as a nation, drugged into complacency? Every time someone is depressed, they are given something that makes them not care. Isn’t caring, and caring desperately, what drives innovation and improvement? If you get raped in a hospital, everyone tells you to see a therapist, take a drug and get over it, rather than rise up and scream about a health care system that allowed that to be done to you, that continues to protect the miscreant who raped you (to avoid liability), and that fights you when you try to warn other patients about the predator working there. Shouldn't some thought be given to social responsibility rather than just to personal comfort? Isn't pain and rage necessary to get people to fight hard enough to make a difference for the common good? What if the founding fathers had seen a therapist and taken drugs to calm down rather than write the Declaration of Independence?

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Persuasive Writing- writing to convince your reader of something