I had no idea what an impact it would have.

You see them heading down the road at the end, and you can probably guess what happens in the future, but the movie is over, so you have to imagine what you think will be.

That ended up being Gerald in Forged by Fire.

I knew what they didn't like (long, boring books) so I wrote just the opposite.

So those two books meet in the middle as companion books.

In one vignette, Draper has teachers talking about how little you can really expect from blacks, and how Andy, being black, surely can't be all that upset by the death of his friend.

I WROTE Tears of a Tiger first, but Forged by Fire HAPPENS first.

Andy does have all kinds of support: his coach is an understanding man; Keisha, his love, is as kind and gentle with Andy as one could ask for until even she has had enough of his tears and depression which he often hides behind outrageous behavior.

The chapters are short, the action is intense, and the problems are real.

How is Andy like many young people today?

He doesn't do as well in school as he could because that wouldn't be cool for a black basketball player; he sees his father as a sell out to the white establishment; he and his friends are hassled when entering stores.

How does it compare to high schools in your community.


From that horrendous scene, Draper relates how Tyrone and, BJ., the other boys in the car, are able to move on with life, Tyrone through a supportive relationship with Rhonda, and BJ.

How are sports important in the lives of young people?

But at the crucial moment when he needs them, his psychologist is flying to California, the coach isn't home, and Keisha's mother won't wake her up for an after midnight phone call.

How could Andy's family had been more successful?

Don't forget the human relations committee meeting tonight after school."

Read the quotes above and explain how the point of view of the character who makes the observation influences the description.

Why aren't the books in the Hazelwood trilogy written in order?I wrote Andy's story first.

I think that’s why young people identify with the story.5.

How successful are the efforts of the psychologist, and how was Andy able to convince the psychologist that he was effectively dealing with his problems?

It won numerous awards and seemed to strike a chord with students and teachers all over.

You can create the answers yourself.

The third book in the Hazelwood trilogy, Darkness Before Dawn, was written to answer all the questions I received about what happened to the characters in the first two books.

He grows up to go to Hazelwood High School with Andy and Rob and the others.

Buy it, read it, share it.Dorothy M.

As Draper moves us toward the inevitable end-Andy blowing his brains out with his father's shot gun-Andy's relationship with the psychologist, Dr.