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The word monster is used in both the above quotes, yet one is used as an insult about evilness, and the other is used as a descriptive word about the physical appearance....

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In this essay I will be trying to find out if Victor Frankenstein is morally reprehensible.

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The role of the monster as an alter ego to Victor is an ideal suggestion, as their characteristics in the story consistently change; from predator to prey, depressed to angry, pitiful to cruel, these are all characteristics shared between both characte...

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A common viewpoint of the book is that Frankenstein’s monster should receive the blame, because he should have had proper nature, but in reality, society nurtured him to act out....

These traits that Victor and the monster possess show that they are very similar....

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"The process of literary creation ispresented in the Introduction as exactly parallel to the initialphases of the monster's apprehension of his existence." Whatever herfeelings about the "effect of any human endeavour to mock thestupendous mechanism of the Creator of the world" (9), sheconceives and nurtures a literary work that has, in its own way,engendered countless offspring.

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The hideous progeny has won its Creator's blessing and, like anylabor of love, filled her heart with joy that can withstand theseverest ordeal.Mary Shelley and Victor Frankenstein both may be viewed asPromethean, but they are not equally narcissistic.

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Hill," and the Physiognomy of Desire," 32, 4 (1975): 335. Gerhard Joseph, "Frankenstein's Dream: TheChild as Father of the Monster," , 7,2 (1975): 97-115. Gordon D.

Frankenstein can be seen as the story of a terrible monster who threatens society.

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Miyoshi points out the essential oneness of Victor andthe Monster (84). In the original 1818 edition of, Elizabeth is described as Victor's cousin,while in the 1831 revision she is described as an Italianfoundling adopted by the Frankensteins.

In the novel, Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein pursues knowledge in an obsessive manner that blinds him to the possible effects.

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The neglectis more surprising in light of the numerous reprintings of thenovel, its translation into many languages, and the legendarystatus of the Frankenstein movies. Freud was unaware of the novel'sexistence, and the early psychoanalytic literary critics ignoredit in favor of other stories.

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Despite theawkwardness in terminology -- "narcissistic schizophrenic"conflates two quite different psychiatric classifications --Trop accurately describes crucial elements of VictorFrankenstein's personality.