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The first level of awareness of FE is no awareness at all. Dennis spoke on hundreds of talk radio shows in the early 1990s between his stints in and , mounted , barnstormed the USA repeatedly, and engaged in many other activities. There have been several national TV shows about Dennis, but they were all parts of smear campaigns. Nearly all major media coverage featured a “skeptic” who and . Whether the attention was good or bad, many millions of Americans have at least heard of FE, in no small measure because of Dennis, but even the movie featured . It is safe to say that many Americans, maybe even more than half, have at least heard of FE in some way. Some have simply , others , and even most people who heard of it probably regard it as a cartoon fantasy, and that is . Their goal is to keep as large a fraction of the population at that level of awareness as possible. If the herd is not even restless or has any idea in what direction freedom might lie, it is exceedingly easy to manage. Also, some have poor memories; they hear about FE and immediately forget it, perhaps "ascending" to "higher" levels before they are back where they started.

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But is there a perfect method which can be applied to achieve the appropriate level of English.

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, who had a scientific career at General Electric, also believed that the energy industry would welcome his solid-state FE device. He , expecting a tickertape parade. The opposite happened as shadowy interests destroyed his business deals, in a situation . Sparky did not take the hint and kept trying, which led to death threats. After their final threats, Sparky fled into hiding, where , and Sparky died the next week of a “heart attack.” Dying that way who played near Sparky’s level, and , and the event shortened his life. Dennis, Sparky, and many others like them lost their naïveté the hard way, but the field has been filled with newcomers who deny the reality of organized suppression as they charge forward with visions of riches and fame. It is perhaps the most common level of awareness where FE newcomers will be found. Most never develop anything worth suppressing so will never know any differently, and will enter and leave the field with that beginner's level of awareness intact. However, with enough people trying and either living to tell the tale, or others chronicling their dire fates, which , and the Internet spreading information like never before, few FE newcomers have much excuse for being unaware of the fates of their professional ancestors. The Internet is like the , or the , ratcheted up by a few orders of magnitude, and my website, this essay, and my comprise my attempt to take advantage of its potential.

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In the awareness level of people doing something or planning to, a beginner's perspective is thinking that the energy industry will welcome innovative technology and that . This plays into the capitalist canard that the world is constantly seeking the better mousetrap. Some looking, but not to bring them to market. Instead, their efforts are devoted to ensuring that they never do. is the of capitalism. After having his , surviving Mafia hit attempts (, ) and the like, Dennis still believed the electric companies’ propaganda in Washington State in the wake of the in the USA's history to that time. He devoted great effort toward interesting the electric companies in the kind of energy conservation that their full-page ads stated that they desperately needed, thinking that he would get a tickertape parade. In the midst of trying to interest the electric companies, an , and just as he entered into a , the electric companies unmasked themselves and . Among the many attacks that came simultaneously from Washington State’s power structure, a infiltrated Dennis’s company and was subsequently . That was Dennis’s first in his energy adventures.

English lessons seem to be their solely exposure to this target language....
For the first section of my Inquiry Article, I posed the question:

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For this essay’s purposes, the most important ecological understanding is that the Sun provides all of earthly life’s energy, either (all except nuclear-powered electric lights driving photosynthesis in greenhouses, as that energy came from dead stars). Today’s hydrocarbon energy that powers our industrial world comes from captured sunlight. Exciting electrons with photon energy, then stripping off electrons and protons and using their electric potential to power biochemical reactions, is what makes Earth’s ecosystems possible. Too little energy, and reactions will not happen (such as ice ages, enzyme poisoning, the darkness of night, food shortages, and lack of key nutrients that support biological reactions), and too much (such as , ionizing radiation, temperatures too high for enzyme activity), and life is damaged or destroyed. The journey of life on Earth has primarily been about adapting to varying energy conditions and finding levels where life can survive. For the many hypotheses about those ancient events and what really happened, the answers are always primarily in energy terms, such as how it was obtained, how it was preserved, and how it was used. For life scientists, that is always the framework, and they devote themselves to discovering how the energy game was played.

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Integrating the arts into everyday lessons has proven not only to aid those who speak English, but those who are English Language Leaners (ELLs) as well.

From elementary to graduate schools, English is stressed above mathematics, history, and the sciences.

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I developed my current approach by trial and error that was extremely hazardous and painful, and took most of a lifetime to achieve. I hope that this essay can help shorten the learning curve for those whom I seek. Many readers of this essay will get bogged down early on and skip to the end, and they will get out of the experience what they put into it. Such people are not in my target audience, unless they have already mastered this essay’s material, but I have never met even one such person. I will continue studying this subject matter for the remainder of my life, and have a ways to go before I can consider my grasp of it firm. This essay is largely intended to help readers develop a comprehensive awareness of life’s journey on Earth and see when humanity enters the play. When readers can do that and come to appreciate it, they will have an easier time avoiding the egocentric levels of FE awareness (), and reach something that might be called soul-centric. It should help them shed not only those scarcity-based ideologies and their insidious, , but they should also begin to understand why approaches rooted in such ideologies are doomed to failure for this task. We cannot drag our scarcity-based baggage with us for establishing a world of abundance. The GCs are masters of using people’s allegiance to those ideologies to enslave their minds and spirits. What I will be asking of my target audience will be anything but easy, and can actually be quite dangerous if caution is not exercised. But for those who use this material properly, it can improve their understanding in important ways.