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Although the position made me realize that the restaurant business did not appeal to me, those two years reaffirmed my desire to operate my own business. I had not abandoned my education during that time; while working at the restaurant, I had taken real estate courses in the evening and passed the California State Broker exam in 1996. My brother and I launched our own property management company in April of 1996,and it quickly grew. We currently have seven commercial properties under management. Our responsibilities include leasing, accounting, and property maintenance. In 1997,I began working as a broker with a commercial real estate company, largely to gain the knowledge of retail to improve the leasing and sales division of my company.

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Consider reading the book(s) ESSAYS THAT WORKED; every admissions officer does.

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The purpose of the essay is to reveal something personal about yourself to the admissions committee that isn’t conveyed elsewhere in the application. The first essay didn’t work because it was analysis of the merits of two versions of a song. I’m surprised that the crossword puzzle essay was offered as an essay that worked — it seems unoriginal, forced, overly dramatic, self-coscious. I read plenty of those as an admissions officer. The debate one worked because it revealed the author as an observant, empathetic and mature person. And for jello — I think that could have been a very funny essay with some good editing, and perhaps may have revealed the author as a quirky kid with a good sense of humor.

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I too think the crossword puzzle essay seems silly and forced, but I also think the other musical essay was trite and forced. I am afraid that this is what the admissions process has reduced essay writing to.

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The College Application Essay is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the Admissions Committee but must be done with care or it will reduce your chances for admission.

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Other than the most competitive schools is anyone reading the essays?? It seems that a well written essay if accompanied by low standard test scores gets ignored when in fact the essay is a better example of what the student can do. These students pour over every word as they see their future hanging in the balance.
Does the admissions committee at University of Maryland actually read the answers to the short answer questions? Do they read the essays?

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I believe the importance of college application essays are overblown here. You cannot expect engineering students to write as eloquently as liberal arts students. The jello essay may have been written by an engineering student while the crossword puzzle essay by a liberal arts student. I hope colleges are not just looking for good writers. This country needs great engineers too! And you are not going to be impressed by many of their college app essays.

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The Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University will allow me to learn from the finest teachers, interact with the brightest students, and experience one of the top graduate programs in the United States. I can only anticipate the invaluable knowledge and training I will gain from being a part of this program. Although my work experience has been extremely important, the NYU Stern School of Business will be equally as educational. It will allow me to incorporate my experiences with other equally ambitious students, and to broaden my goals, ideas and perspectives.

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I find these examples and the ensuing comments to be an example of just how subjective college admissions officers are when making their decisions. Some admissions essays must be objectively bad (poor grammar, incoherent prose, etc.) and I imagine that some must be objectively good, however, it seems to me that the great bulk lie in the middle. In that middle ground then isn’t the merit of one’s essay inextricably tied to the taste’s of the admissions officers reviewing that essay? Would a brilliant essay by Hunter S. Thompson be tossed out because the reader hated drug use and non-conformity? Would an essay by Tom Wolfe be rejected because the reader hated exclamations? Oh my! Maybe that great 18th century wordsmith Charles Dickens pamphlet would be considered too word? Or Hemingway’s to sparse?