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During the next century and a half, the Russian imperial administration gradually absorbed Ukrainian lands, depriving them of autonomy and cultural specificity. The growing empire of the Romanovs also increased its Ukrainian territories in the west during the partitions of Poland in the late eighteenth century.

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In Ukraine, New Years Eve is not just a celebration of the hopeful ..

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For the Ukrainian people Christmas is the most important family holiday of the whole year. It is celebrated solemnly, as well as merrily, according to ancient customs that have come down through the ages and are still observed today.

New Year is the time at which a new calendar year begins and ..

Is this the only morality available to those who recognize that power pervades international politics? Are stable relations among powerful states always to be maximized, even if that means condoning the absorption of a region of Ukraine (or a region of Czechoslovakia) by one of those mighty states? Not necessarily. An alternative and deeper tradition of realism contains ample consideration of morality and national interest. Beginning in the 1930s and through World War II and the Cold War, adherents to this alternative tradition in the West grappled with how to recognize that all human action is tainted by self-interest while avoiding the paralysis of moral relativism. They understood the reality of power and force as necessary constants in international politics, yet still drew clear moral distinctions between the relative virtue of democratic society and the relative vice of totalitarianism. The intellectual leader of this movement was Reinhold Niebuhr.

on January 1 marks the start of a new year according to the . It is celebrated in many countries worldwide including the Ukraine.

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When humans began to raze forests and use the resultant soils to raise crops, they were working their way down through the food chain, no longer harvesting ecosystem detritus but destroying entire ecosystems literally at their roots for short-term human benefit. That practice eventually turned forest ecosystems into deserts. As this essay will survey, that was a rampant problem in all early civilizations. Eventually, humans learned to reach even further back into the ecological horizon as they began burning energy stores that were hundreds of millions of years old; was first and second. They were burned a million times as fast as they were created. In all instances, humans were releasing sunlight energy that had been captured and stored by organisms. In the 20th century, when humans began using nuclear fission, they were going even further back in time and harvesting energy stored via billions of years ago. With each new energy source, humans were harvesting older, more concentrated energy sources, which released far more energy than the previously used source. In each instance, humans plundered the energy source to exhaustion. Humans have not lived in “harmony” with nature since they learned to control fire.

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Perhaps the most damaging deficiency in FE efforts, after self-serving orientation, was that the participants and their supporters were scientifically illiterate and easily led astray by the latest spectacle. Scientific literacy can help prevent most such distractions. While writing this essay, I was not only bombarded with news of the latest FE and alternative energy aspirants' antics, but I had to continually field queries regarding whether Peak Oil and Global Warming were conspiratorial elite hoaxes (or figments of the hyperactive imaginations of environmentalists and other activists), for two examples that readily come to mind. Digesting this essay's material should have those questions answered as mere side-effects. Far from being a hoax or imaginary, Peak Oil was and , and it is all downhill from there, and conventional oil will be almost entirely depleted in my lifetime. , although both were heavily promoted in the USA in 2014. In every paleoclimate study that I have seen, so-called greenhouse gases have always been considered the primary determinant of Earth's surface temperature (after the Sun), and carbon dioxide is chief among them. The radiation-trapping properties of carbon dioxide are not controversial in the slightest among scientists, and after the Sun's influence (which is exceedingly stable), declining carbon dioxide levels are considered to be the conditions that have dominated Earth for the past 35 million years. Humanity's increasing the atmosphere's carbon dioxide content is influencing the cause of Icehouse Earth, and , and are merely proximate causes. Increasing carbon dioxide can turn the global climate from an to a Greenhouse Earth, and the last time that happened, Earth had its . But have purposefully confused the issues, and a scientifically illiterate public and have played along, partly because believing the disinformation seems to relieve us all of any responsibility for our actions. Although scientific literacy can help people become immune to the disinformation and confusion arising from many corners, and reading this essay's first half can help people develop their own defense from such distractions, my goals for this essay's first half are far greater than that.

Malanka is a Ukrainian folk holiday celebrated on January 13th, which is New Year's Evein accordance with the Julian calendar.

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The Russian Empire was late in entering Europe’s “age of nationalism.” Yet when the Polish rebellion of 1863 alerted Russian authorities to the political implications of ethnic identities, they reacted also with a crushing blow against the miniscule, politically moderate, and nearly deracinated Ukrainian intelligentsia.

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Yet the movement happening in Ukraine assigned a new meaning to his initial idea – a woman, emerging from water – an allegory for the current revolution.

British magazine founded by Beatrice and Sidney Webb contains news about political, cultural and current affairs.

English is the official language.

The , and keeping FE and related technologies such as antigravity (or electro-gravity) under wraps is perhaps their greatest priority. If there is any good news to relate, it is that all informed observers know that humanity is quickly , which has made most GCs uneasy. They do not want to live in their underground and if Earth’s surface becomes at least temporarily uninhabitable, and members of that gave a close friend an . In my circles, receiving such a demonstration was unexceptional.