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Cremation only makes sense if one intends to return a portion of the actual ashes of a corpse to the true family members; otherwise, cremation makes no sense at all. Cremation is distinguished from incineration by the fact that cremation, in the West, allows recovery of the deceased person's ashes free of the ashes from other corpses or of the fuel. The clean ash that results is totally worthless compared to the far greater costs of the coal, or coke, needed to produce it. The claim that the Nazis made fertilizer from the bones is a bad joke indeed. Crematory ovens are specially designed to allow recovery of ashes from one corpse at a time free of any other ash, either from the coal or coke used as fuel or from another corpse. Such a careful recovery of ashes only makes sense if one intends to return something from the deceased to the family. In other words, the purpose of cremation is to preserve, at least some, evidence. If one intended to merely destroy evidence of mass murder, incineration as is commonly practiced for garbage disposal would be many times quicker and more efficient in every respect, especially in terms of the amounts of fuel consumed. One could still gather enough ashes to fill urns and deceive family members but, oddly enough, it has never been claimed in any of the Holocaust literature that garbage incinerators were ever used for anything but garbage. Even the incinerators within Kremas 2 and 3 in Birkenau have never been implicated. The startling fact is that by practicing cremation the Nazis and the SS went to considerable lengths and expense to treat the dead with genuine respect even when many of the dead were Jews. See also

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.On YouTube there is a fascinating new video which is drawing some interest--including comments from me:

Take a look, not just for the story of 106-year-old Alice Sommer but also for the revealing footage of life in Theresienstadt. If that was all staged by the Nazis, then they deserve some Oscars for "direction." Two other Czech Jewesses, not quite as old, also appear in this video. They ALL "surivived!"

It is time to say "THANK YOU" to the Nazis! Obviously, Alice Sommer's wartime ordeals. whatever they were, had no adverse effect on her longevity. Obviously, the Nazis took very good care of her as well as all of the others..That is the real lesson of this story. The Nazis did NOT exterminate them. Alice Sommers is clear evidence that the "holocaust" story really is a monstrous Jewish hoax for which ALL Jews should apologize. Jews have nothing to cry or whine about--and they should give back all the money they swindled out of the German people, their victims.

The Nazis kept the Jews alive! Alice Sommer and the other Jews in this video could have been killed so easily. Did they "survive" because of their religion, or music, or because of some inner strength? Of course, not! They ALL "survived": because the Nazis protected them and kept them alive just as they kept most of the Jews alive. The so-called "survivors"--and there were 1,092,000 of them still alive in 2003 according to Dr. --are all evidence that the "Holocaust" really is a monstrous Jewish hoax. The real killers of most of the Jews who did die on German-occupied territory were the Allies, especially the British and Americans, who strafed and bombed refugees and evacuees and civilians generally throughout the last months of the war--and disease, especially typhus, brought on largely because of the failure of the Germans to hold on to places like Auschwitz.

Auschwitz served the exact same purpose as Ellis Island in NY harbor: to keep disease out of the country with medical exams, forced bathing, quarantine, gas chambers and crematoria just as in Auschwitz. When the Germans evacuated Auschwitz and abandoned it to the advancing Russians in mid-January 1945, the dam broke (the Cordon Sanitaire) and disease, especially typhus, entered Germany with a vengeance that had not been seen since the Thirty Years War.

The Germans still tried to confine the medical disaster to the concentration camps with horrible results that made excellent visual propaganda for the true genocidal maniacs: the Allied victors of WW2--and especially the Jews. If the Germans had not tried to confine the typhus outbreak to concentration camps such as Dachau and Bergen-Belsen, the consequences would have been even worse just as the victors discovered quickly enough for themselves. The death rate at Bergen-Belsen actually increased after the British took over the camp and quickly spread beyond the camp until the British re-imposed tight security on all of the camp inmates.

The real reason Alice Sommer and the others "survived" is that the Nazis never tried to kill her, or any of the others, in the first place. That should be rather obvious. She NEVER was under any kind of "gallows." Instead, the Nazis kept her alive, fed her, provided her with housing, medical care and safety as best they could while millions of people around her, including millions of Germans who were and still are the real victims of videos like this one, were being killed and even burned alive in the war that Jews had done so much to bring about. Alice's "story" is essentially a Big LIE! When the Nazis tried to expel her and others like her from the new, saner Europe that they tried to build, they certainly had the right idea.

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The Nazis and SS shared their food and medicine and much more with the Jews—even until the very last days of the war! The misery in many of the camps at the end of the war was the Allies' doing. Ultimately, all that holocaust propaganda and “scholarship” really proves is that when Hitler tried to expel Jews from Germany forever, he certainly had the right idea.

The thing that makes them special is Nazi Germany had a “Ministry of Propaganda” which was led by Paul Joseph Goebbels.
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The “holocaust” is a grossly obscene misrepresentation of humane German measures to subdue a typhus epidemic and keep people alive, including Jews. That epidemic was only one of many that ravaged eastern Europe throughout its entire history. Typhus broke out in Poland again at the beginning of WW2 and spread—even to Germany by the end of the war. German measures to keep typhus away from Germany failed by the beginning of 1945. At that time, millions of Germans and many others, including Jews, from eastern Europe fled into Nazi Germany where they overwhelmed German measures of quarantine and hygienic control. German efforts to keep people alive were undermined by the war itself, by paranoia stoked by anti-German propaganda, and especially by the almost unopposed fury of Anglo-American terror bombing and strafing as the war approached its end. The mortality spiked in the winter months of 1945 following the usual pattern for typhus in times of social chaos when masses pf people huddled together for warmth and protection—peaking in late winter and subsiding with the onset of warm weather when people were more willing and able to change their clothes and wash themselves..There was NO extermination program or policy!

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In general, Jews were treated extremely well by the Nazis, and the SS and the Germans; Jews have nothing to complain about. Can anyone in his right mind seriously imagine that the Germans would not have interned the Jews? And, so what? Until the very last months of the war when the Anglo-American terror bombing had its most horrible effects on Germany, there was nothing comparable to the horrible scenes at Bergen-Belsen in March and April, 1945 anywhere, ever. The real mass murderers during WW2 were the Jews themselves. Masses of gentile soldiers did the actual fighting and dying after having been whipped up by the Jews with the vilest lies and propaganda that the human mind can conceive. No lie was too outrageous for their “Good War.” Their whining and scamming since the war is outrageous. No doubt, some Jews were shot in Russia and elsewhere by the Germans, including innocent Jews—but the true numbers are minuscule compared to what is claimed. Since the war was their doing for which they had worked so hard, they have nothing to complain about. They got their dirty war, perhaps good and hard—but if so, so what? In any event, the gassing claims are absolute rubbish.

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If there were any truth to that statement, why were thousands of Jews and others left in Auschwitz by the retreating Nazis and SS for the Russians to “liberate” and use for their propaganda? The number of such prisoners, including twins, left for the Russians that I have seen recently is “7,000.”