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If miracles are proof of the True God and His True Religion, then the miracle workers chosen by God are going to have enemies, just as God Himself did when He dwelt amongst us. It didn’t take long, then, for Brother André to acquire enemies of his own.

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Then, The Miracle Worker deals with reaching out someone and to an individual with a disability.

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As for Brother André, the public nature and frequency of the miracles he worked make them impossible to dispute. He cured many of the students at the college, so many that he developed a reputation as a great miracle worker.

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We say that the miracles were wrought by the prayers of the brother. Perhaps, if he were here, he would rebuke us for saying this. He never claimed that he worked a single miracle. In his humility he gave all the credit to Saint Joseph, in whose power Brother André had infinite confidence. In fact, any attempt to credit him with miracles brought a stern reprimand from the normally kind religious. One day a visitor said to him, “You are better than Saint Joseph. We pray to him and nothing happens, but when we come to see you we are cured.” The brother was so incensed at the slander of the Holy Patriarch that he screamed, “Get out of here. It is Saint Joseph who cured you, not I. Get out! Throw him out!” The incident shook the frail constitution of the holy man so much that he spent three days sick in bed.

Gibby, The Will to Win: American Military Advisors in Korea, 1946-1953 (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2012); Col.
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"The Miracle Worker" shows Anne Sullivan teaching Helen Keller the principal of symbolic communication, i.e., that shapes of the hand, when communicating in sign language, represent objects in the real world and concepts.

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Before writing it, when I was pitching my current novel to publishers, I said it was "William Gibson meets William Gibson."

Back then, you see, there were two William Gibsons, and the one who'd been read the most probably isn't the one you're thinking of. Yes, indeed, there's Bill Gibson of Vancouver, British Columbia, author of the seminal cyberpunk novel .

But even more people, I suspect, have read (and certainly more people have seen the movie versions of) works by the William Gibson: the man who wrote , the story of deafblind Helen Keller's relationship with her teacher, Annie Sullivan. William Gibson died this past Tuesday, at the age of 94.

My novel and my character of Caitlin Decter would not have existed without William Gibson's marvelous play (and screenplay), because that's where I first learned the story of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, a story that continues to captivate me. I'm sorry to see him go.

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In the ninety-first year of a life dedicated to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the miracle man sensed his imminent departure from this vale of tears. Late in 1936, he told one of the priests in his order that Christmas of that year would be his last in this life. Once, when he passed the tiny hospital of Saint-Laurent, he commented, “What a fine place for patients to prepare for death.” At 8:30 in the evening of December 31, the wonder worker who cured so many was himself admitted to that very hospital for what the physician thought was a mild heart attack, but was later diagnosed as acute gastritis.