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There were many factors in the coming of the Reformation, but the three worthy of note are the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church, the leadership of Martin Luther, and the invention of the printing press.

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It has been argued by Elizabeth Eisenstein that printing did not just spread Protestant ideas but helped to shape the Reformation in the first place 'Printing was a cause of religious changes, and not simply a consequence' (The Printing Press as an agent of change, CambridgeUniversityPress) Printing ended the scribal corruption and copying errors which made it easier to define theological positions exactly and made it easier for Luther to attack the corruption of...

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Martin Brecht defines the Reformation as the world-historical event which was “triggered and substantially shaped by the monk and professor Martin Luther.

I have now been working at the University Lutheran Church homeless shelter for two and a half years....
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Kodet worked with the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd to develop a Master Plan in which collaboratively we defined the needs and goals for a multi-phase plan. Throughout the process Kodet provided plans, renderings, and cost estimates to aid the Church in gaining excitement and momentum for their capital campaign.

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“A sacrament is a sacred act instituted by God, in which God Himself has joined His Word of promise to a visible element, and by which He offers, gives, and seals the forgiveness of sins earned by Christ” (197, Luther’s Small Catechism)....

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If I could bring to pass that Greek and Hebrew were as familiar to us as the Latin, and offered as much good music and song, we would hold mass, sing and read on successive Sundays in all four languages: German, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.” Luther also acknowledged that building up a repertory of high quality German-texted music which could replace the inheritance of Latin hymnody would take considerable time.