Some people prefer to cook at home.

Most people learn the rudiments of cooking from their mothers or cooks. Apart from this, there are lots of resources out there for the aspiring chef. You can learn from books, like many people. There are videos of recipes to try. Most cook books include appendices and a glossary that help you trace what you are looking for. Almost all cook books come with basic tips and techniques that you can learn from.

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A step-by-step process should be followed to learn how to cook successfully....

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One of the best ways to enjoy cooking as a hobby is through trial and error. It also makes sense to learn basic skills and get used to handling the ingredients and knowing how to prepare your food. As you try more and more recipes, your confidence will grow, along with your skills. You could also opt to enroll for cooking classes in your neighborhood where they teach you the basic techniques and simple recipes. You can enhance this by joining online cooking forums and networks where a lot of interaction takes place, helping you gain valuable information.

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Some of the things you would need to stock up on when you begin to learn to cook are: a large and a small pot, a large fry pan, a sauce pan, a pan to sauté, a wooden spoon, a slotted plastic spoon, a pair of long tongs, a large whisk, a spatula, a set of measuring cups and spoons, a cup to measure liquids, a couple of mixing bowls, a set of knives, a peeler, a colander and a grater. As you get more familiar and find your way around the kitchen, you can add more like a food processor.

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“So someone is going to pay you to learn how to cook from a famous chef, and you are not going to do it?”

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Learn to Cook 101 provides instructions on how to equip your kitchen, general articles on cooking, diet, health & fitness, and of course you’ll find several recipes.

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Not everyone can compete with Julia Child in cooking gourmet food with the menu devised in our minds without referring to cookbooks, but many of us can learn to cook effectively.