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With all that happened to Kesey in the ’60s, why wasn’t he the darling of the East Coast literary world, as Kerouac had been in the ’50s? Kerouac was basically shy when outside his own milieu and in no way a self-promoter. But he lived much of the time in New York or nearby Long Island, and at least during the ’50s was accessible to the media, although he did not seek publicity or present himself well in public. They came to him. On the Road had electrified the literary community and sharply marked the arrival of a new generation, and he made good copy for the newspapers.

This object of his brotherly love grew up in the streets of America.

Road rage, something that has always been on the highways of America, is now the strongest yet....

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This largely autobiographical work, written as a stream of consciousness and based on the spontaneous road trips of Kerouac and his friends across mid-century America, is often considered the defining work of the postwar jazz-, poetry-, and drug-affected Beat Generation.

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As usual, our parallel agenda is to see literary sites. Jack Kerouac liked Denver. We track down the grave of his close friend Neal Cassady, better known as Dean Moriarty in On the Road. The still unmarked spot is in the big old Catholic Cemetery. I lie down on the plot to commune with his rowdy energy. Being amidst all the marble angels reminds me of Kerouac's comment that the classic Beat novel is... really a story about two Catholic buddies roaming the country in search of God. And we found Him.

In the 1950's a group of American writers that exemplified this behavior formed.

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Kerouac would have most likely ended up on the road even if Cassady had never entered his life; his desire to discover America had long since been brewing in his restless soul, to learn of its vastness and history and secret places....

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The fifties Beat Generation, notably through Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and Allen Ginsberg’s Howl as will here be discussed, fought to revitalise individuality and revolutionise their censored society which seemed to produce everything for the masses at the expense of the individual’s creative and intellectual potential....

Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation, and America.

At this time the majority of Americans were living in suburban areas called Levittowns, felt threatened by Communism, they were driven with conspicuous soncumption.

Within Paul Lauter's book, 'The Heath Anthology of American Literature,' Ronna C.

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This was the atmosphere into which Kerouac walked. Unlike the intrepid Pranksters, Jack sat quietly on the side, “slightly aloof,” as Babbs told me. They draped a small American flag over Jack’s shoulders, but he took it off, folded it neatly, and placed it on the arm of the couch.

Jack Kerouac, a famous American beat poet, is one of the pioneers of the Beat Generation.

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Identity lost, he states "I was half way across America, at the dividing line between the East of my youth and the West of my future." He has lost the calming influence of his aunt, and Dean and partners are not around to feed his wild streak....

The term was first used by Jack Kerouac while talking to fellow writer John C.

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To Kerouac, Neal represented the all-American outlaw hero, who actualized their vision of a spiritually renewed America that would replace consumerism and conformity with sexual openness and compassion.