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Many children are subjected to neglect and abuse on a daily basis.

The outline of the research:
Topic: Child Abuse: A Comparative analysis of Legal Protection under the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of India Law.

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Bill Watkins and Arnon Bentovim, "The Sexual Abuse of Male Children and Adolescents: A Review of Current Research," 33 (1992); in Byrgen Finkelman, (New York: Garland Publishing, 1995), p.

Child abuse is recognized in several forms; physical, emotional, sexual and neglect.

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Every year an approximate 139,000 cases of child abuse and neglect are reported in Ohio, and 72,000 are thoroughly investigated (Ohio's Children 2012)....

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Secondly, Although I agree that our government is driven by greed and thus that is the reason for our involvement overseas, I do not think that our leaders morally disengage to feel better about themselves per say. I think it is a bit more complicated than that. I believe moral disengagement is a necessary tool to some point. Although not desirable, moral disengagement is used by most people when they find themselves in a violent situation they cannot remove themselves from. For example, mothers whose husbands abuse their children usually use those four principles of moral disengagement to keep their sanity intact. They know that it will be better for them if they pretend that those four principles actually show the truth. They won’t be morally obligated to act against the aggressor and put themselves in harm’s way.

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– This could easily be one topic that you could cover wonderfullyin your research. If you are a person who likes to find solutions forproblems, then this topic is just for you. You can choose on one ortwo particular types of child abuse and see how you can find ways andmethods to help children recognize it, prevent it, and recover fromits ill-effects. A topic like this can create path-breaking solutionsfor this menace that exists worldwide.

Each of these topicscan be dealt with individually or combined suitably for doing yourchild abuse research paper.

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– Here too, you can keep a broad topic for discussionin your child abuse research paper or choose to narrow it downfurther. Here are some example topics you can use:

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Child abuse is the negative attitude towards children which influences their physical and psychological health. The most well-known types of child abuse are physical, psychological, labour exploitation and sexual exploitation. It is obvious that every child requires love and care but very often children become the victims of the negative attitude from the side of parents, classmates and other surrounding people. Speaking about the child abuse in school, many children are hurt, neglected and mocked at, just because they look differently and think differently. The abuse can carry the physical and psychological impact. If the child is constantly hit, he lives in stress and can not concentrate on studying and feels lonely. The result of such an attitude is tragic, because many children who suffer from various forms of abuse commit a suicide. Child abuse can be affected by the financial and social problems and negative environment, unemployment, etc.

According to some research, it has been stated that there are three major forms of child abuse: physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse.

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In response to the Moral disengagement – Introduction (August 30th 2012) and Euphemistic labeling (Moral disengagement, part 3) blog posts, I have used the text Family Violence in the United States and Family Violence in a cultural Perspective to reveal ramifications of exposure to mechanisms of moral disengagement in correlation to child sexual abuse.