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At Knowledge Must, we offer exciting and in-depth cultural immersion experiences that will allow you to benefit from the diversity of others' cultural backgrounds. You will learn to become more aware of cultural differences through education, training, experience, travel, and work. In the process you will gain a deeper understanding of a very different culture and of yourself by living as a member of a local community, participating in experiential learning activities, and actively engaging the local culture.

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Knowledge Must's Cultural Immersion Solutions create all these opportunities for you and more, based on a learner-centred, competency-based teaching methodology. We begin with what you already know and all activities are designed to maximise your participation in the highly experiential learning process. Experiential education results in outcomes that simply cannot be achieved through books, reports, lectures, discussions, and tests alone. There is much more to life and learning than sitting passively in a classroom and listening to the monologues of experts.

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We invite you to browse through our sample of activities that you might like to have included in your individual Cultural Immersion Solution. These are simply for your inspiration as we customise each solution for every individual client. Full customisation of our solutions is especially important due to the differences in learning styles, previous experience, and specific objectives. Our activities are based upon the best that our five company divisions have to offer. Depending on your particular field of interest and your individual objectives, activities included in our Cultural Immersion Solutions may consist of:

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Knowledge Must's fully customised Cultural Immersion Solutions are designed to provide life-changing experiences that bring out the best in everyone. They build knowledge, provide the required tools, give confidence, empower people, and contribute to global understanding. With our support participants will gain broad experience in a challenging environment where learning and having impact are the primary rewards. The ultimate goal of our Immersion Solutions is to give participants an opportunity to learn about local life by really experiencing it themselves.

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Our unique Cultural Immersion Solutions cater to adventurous individuals from all walks of life: students, professionals, entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts, culture buffs, and more. If you have a passion for outdoor adventure, want to serve people in need, or are looking for deeply engaging cultural opportunities, we will design your immersion experience accordingly. Just let us know about your interests and objectives. Some of the components you might choose for your individual Immersion Solution might be very challenging. For example, living in a remote tribal village in India can imply plenty of hardships. You must expect the unexpected and be mentally flexible.

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Knowledge Must offers special Short-Cut Cultural Immersion Solutions to get you up-to-speed in your target culture. You will learn the key tools for dealing with the country and its people in the shortest time frame, e.g. regarding bargaining, dress, asserting yourself, and playing the system. They are especially compact trainings for fitting all the essentials into a very short time frame for all individuals with very little time on their hands. These concise programmes are suited for short-term visitors to the country, for example, tourists and business people.

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Our tailor-made Cultural Immersion Solutions are an effective combination of unique work and study experiences, focused language instruction, skills training, travel, and cultural activities, all in one holistic, synergistic programme. Custom designed programmes offer you full flexibility as well as breadth and depth in experience. What is more, all our activities are carefully contextualised within your larger learning goals so that they systematically reinforce each other. You can fully flexibly select out of the complete service palette offered by Knowledge Must's five divisions and can consult us to design your individual full-fledged package.