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Chemistry is present in every aspect of life, and here you can see a few examples. There are articles about the chemistry of everyday life, and also a few about physics, as it's also present in our daily life. You can contribute with your own questions, and if you have any inquiry about topics related with chemistry in everyday life, please me. The answer will be published in the web if it can be interesting for other people.

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The Horticulture major at UGA educates students in many aspects of plant science including physiology, nutrition, identification, soils, pest control, design, and sustainability. Students tailor their coursework around one of four specializations: 1) Landscape Contracting – ornamental plants and landscape design, installation, and maintenance; 2) General Horticulture – a broader range of study of fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and greenhouse crops; 3) Sustainable Food Production – understanding how to grow fruits and vegetables using organic and other sustainable practices; or 4) Horticulture Science – a graduate student track that supplements foundational courses with chemistry, genetics, and statistics.

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By studying this integrative discipline, you fulfill pre-med requirements while learning how diet and specific nutrients influence human physiology and disease. This knowledge builds a solid foundation for careers in medicine or a related health profession. You receive specialized instruction in the roles of nutrients in supporting functions of the body and all its parts, from the whole person to the organ systems and their constituent cells. In addition to Department of Foods and Nutrition courses, students are required to take Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Anatomy and Physiology. Students may select major electives that fulfil prerequisites for various professional programs such as Physics, Genetics, Psychology and Kinesiology.

Most people detest chemistry because of long reactions and difficult chemical names that we see in our books.
Let us take a look at few such instances that involve chemistry, and are an integral part of our existence.

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Food Science at UGA is an excellent major for students who like science and want to see practical applications of their knowledge. Students take courses across several disciplines including (1) Biology – to understand the natural processes of fresh plant and animal products as they lose freshness; (2) Chemistry – to determine the quality and quantity of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in our foods when we eat them; (3) Microbiology – to understand the causes of food poisoning; and (4) Math and (5) Engineering – to help develop ways to treat foods, calculate expiration dates, and prevent outbreaks. Food science students apply this knowledge in a series of practical courses that prepare them for careers in the food industry or governmental agencies, tailoring the major into either a Business or Science, Technology, & Engineering emphasis.

Firstly, examples of chemistry within our body and secondly, examples of chemistry that exist outside our body or occur around us.

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Available at both the Athens and Griffin campus locations, students receive general economic and business training that combines courses in agricultural economics, agribusiness, and food science to build a broad knowledge base of the food industry and its many operations across the food processing, restaurant, and food retailing sectors. Available electives include courses in marketing, food chemistry, government regulation of food safety and quality, food packaging, hazard analysis control, and poultry processing.

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Participate in a discussion with your classmates regarding how globalization affects our lives. Recall that globalization refers to the shift toward a more integrated and interdependent world economy. Globalization has several facets, including the globalization of markets and the globalization of production. Therefore, based on the Discussion Rubric requirements, and your research and analysis, post your discussion explaining the trade policies and outcomes that best serve your self-interests, e.g., lower prices for unblemished pest-free flowers, and the trade policies and outcomes that best serve the social interest, e.g., potentially implementing trade restrictions on rose plantations who misuse a toxic mixture of pesticides, fungicides, and fumigants. When posting and sharing your discussion, please include the drivers of globalization concepts and the globalization debate issues as described in the textbook. In addition, reference the four (4) outcomes of globalization, i.e., growth, wages, poverty, and inequality, as highlighted in the research material.