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New Hampshire Charitable Fund (scholarships open to both VT & NH residents) - In particular, this is the site to apply for the Frank & Olive Gilman Foundation scholarship (NOT through the VSAC Scholarship Booklet). To create a new account, visit

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CollegeQuest is a 6-week residential program running from June 22 - August 1st for juniors living in VT whose parents have not earned a 4-year degree OR who qualify for Free/Reduced lunch. Food and housing are free. Students will stay on the campus of the College of St. Joseph in Rutland, VT and learn about health care jobs, visit other college campuses, get practical experience, and earn money toward college. Deadline to apply is March 27th.

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In one room, about 20 students sat along the walls, a faculty adviser in the center, discussing ways to think about decision-making — taking into account what is known, and the many ways relevant facts may be unknown. Like many a self-help seminar, the program has its own gestures and lexicon; rather than applause, for example, students snap their fingers.

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Medquest is a one week residential program running from July 13th - July 18th for freshmen and sophomores living in VT. The cost is $500 and there are some scholarships available. Student will stay on the campus of Lyndon State College and will job-shadow with health professionals, get certified in CPR and First Aid, and get some practical experience. Deadline to apply is March 12th.

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In his first major published excursion from the philosophy ofscience, Feyerabend applied these ideas to the mind/body problem. Intwo papers published in 1963, he sought to defend materialism (roughly,the view that everything which exists is physical) against thesupposition that the mind cannot be a physical thing. Although thesepapers exhibit a rather unclear mixture of views, they are nowremembered primarily for having ushered in the position known as“eliminative materialism”, according to which ourway of conceiving the mind and mental phenomena amounts to a seriouslyinadequate theory which is in conflict with a (materialistic)scientific account of those same things. Feyerabend suggested that thetwo theories in question were incommensurable, but that nevertheless weought to prefer the materialistic one on general methodologicalgrounds. This radical view of the mind/body problem has been one ofFeyerabend's most important legacies. Even though Feyerabend himselfseems to have given it up in the late 1970s, it was taken up by RichardRorty and, more recently, by Paul and Patricia Churchland.

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However, if the applicant works in a development non-governmental organization(NGO) or UN-associated organization, she can apply on the condition that she obtains are commendation from the government ministry which covers the organization.
- Be nominated by her Government
- Have sufficient command of both spoken & written English to take classes conducted entirely in English
- Be in good health, both physically and mentally, to complete the program(Pregnancy is regarded as a disqualifying condition for participating in this program)
- Have not participated in a KOICA program or should be 5 years out of participation in a KOICA training program Be a citizen of the Scholarship Program target country