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A few weeks ago I finished a very interesting piece on the evolution of our use of energy that was a real eye-opener and that spoke to this issue. Unfortunately, I cannot locate it now. The point of the article was that we are evolving fairly rapidly in historical terms towards fuels with a lower and lower ratio of carbon to hydrogen. Even without going to a fully hydrogen economy, simply getting to lower-carbon sources of energy has and will continue to dramatically reduce greenhouse emissions and improve the environmental profile of our energy use. Trick is – how do we get to an environmentally lightweight energy infrastructure given the ongoing depletion of traditional oil-based fuels?

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Some of the key factors to keep in mind when choosing to go green at work include: • The benefits of a green work environment • How a green workplace can improve efficiency....

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I also agree with your take on alcohol-based fuels. My concern is that environmentalists will force an enormous, but eventually wasted, investment in pure hydrogen out of concern with greenhouse emissions. While I think it fairly reasonable to conclude that the earth is warming and that this may be helped along by humanity’s CO2 emissions, the ‘gaia-panic’ that seems to follow this conclusion makes no sense (unless you are an enviro-fundamentalist, I guess). It is something that we can certainly approach with a sober, well-thought out strategy for CO2 reduction but we needn’t – and shouldn’t – run away from alcohol-based fuels and into the arms of hydrogen – a fuel that will present a far greater aggregate risk to life and limb than a slow warmup of a few degrees over the next century or two. (Damn – gotta go – sorry if this is all fragmented…)

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