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Advertising has almost always played a role in political campaigns from handbills in 1828 to the first political television ads in 1952. The 1988 presidential contest was an example of the important role campaigns have in terms of altering the perception of candidates who are not well known. Campaigns are so powerful that West even argues it has changed the observations of the Electoral College. For example, it is believed that candidates need public appeal through longer campaigns whereas before they required the “negotiations with a handful of party leaders.” With the new wave of technology in the past decade, my question in terms of political advertising is how effective is Twitter and other social media outlets? How are those advertisements funded if the websites and sources are location free content? How do you regulate free riders who just post plugs for their campaign favorite?

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Your essay will include a clear thesis and well developed key ideas with topic sentences and supporting examples. The essay will also follow the conventional organization of the following three elements:

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Despite the still-faltering methods of treatment, psychiatry has, on an analytical and philosophical level, contributed much to an understanding of the origins of depression. Much obviously remains to be learned (and a great deal will doubtless continue to be a mystery, owing to the disease’s idiopathic nature, its constant interchangeability of factors), but certainly one psychological element has been established beyond reasonable doubt, and that is the concept of loss. Loss in all of its manifestations is the touchstone of depression—in the progress of the disease and, most likely, in its origin. At a later date I would gradually be persuaded that a devastating loss in childhood figured as a probable genesis of my own disorder; meanwhile, as I monitored my retrograde condition, I felt loss at every hand. The loss of self-esteem is a celebrated symptom, and my own sense of self had all but disappeared, along with any self-reliance. This loss can quickly degenerate into dependence, and from dependence into infantile dread. One dreads the loss of all things, all people close and dear.

In this short essay I will give a skilled weighed argument of the usefulness and non-usefulness of a participant observation.
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The depression that engulfed me was not of the manic type—the one accompanied by euphoric highs—which would have most probably presented itself earlier in my life. I was sixty when the illness struck for the first time, in the “unipolar” form, which leads straight down. I shall never learn what “caused” my depression, as no one will ever learn about their own. To be able to do so will likely forever prove to be an impossibility, so complex are the intermingled factors of abnormal chemistry, behavior, and genetics. Plainly, multiple components are involved—perhaps three or four, most probably more, in fathomless permutations. That is why the greatest fallacy about suicide lies in the belief that there is a single immediate answer—or perhaps combined answers—as to why the deed was done.

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Read through the Case Study entitled “Highline Financial Services, Inc.” in Chapter 3 of your textbook. It covers the role of forecasting in operations management. Examine the demand that this company has experienced for the three categories of service it offers over the preceding two years. Assuming nothing changes in terms of advertising or promotion, and competition also does not change, predict the demand for the services the company offers for the next four quarters. (Note that there is not enough data to develop seasonal relatives.)You should be able to make reasonably good, approximate, intuitive estimates of demand. What general observations can you make regarding demand? Should Freddie have any concerns? Explain your answers in a 4-6 page paper, not including the cover and references pages. Use at least one outside reference to support your recommendations.

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"Politicians are politicians all of the time -- whether they're helping themselves to an extra-serving of farm-subsidy bacon, writing new laws about when their opponents can and can't run ads about them or appointing bureaucrats to enforce those laws. ... There are no angels at the FEC. There aren't any in Congress or at the White House. And the sooner arrogant reformers like Sen. McCain and Fred Wertheimer realize that they're no angels either, the better for all of us -- and for the Constitution." --