Roosevelt's Impact on the Great Depression

Roosevelt believed in giving aid to the sick, poor and helpless, by providing hospitial care for those who needed it and by setting up food distribution centers and homeless shelters.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt came to the presidency in 1933 focused and with a plan like never before.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt born in January 30 of 1882.

Roosevelt In the 1932 election, the Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt collected 57.4 percent of the popular vote to easily defeat the republican opponent, Herbert Hoover.

Franklin looked up to his distant cousin, Teddy Roosevelt.

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt, was active in Democratic politics and helped shape her husband`s New Deal programs while he was president. Considered one of the most active and influential First Ladies in U.S. history, she advocated racial equality, women`s rights and world peace.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s bills did not exclude the poor, sick or elderly.

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Roosevelt, a man whose willingness to build the economy of his country as the most powerful nation, brought admiration not only among his fellow American citizens, but the rest of the world’s....

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When the stock Market crashed on “Black Tuesday” in 1929 along with various alternate causes such as the installment buying of the 1920s, the United States became encapsulated within a massive economic depression known as “The Great Depression.” After the Election of 1932, the new president, Franklin D.

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During his presidency, Roosevelt led the United States through the worst crises of the century, The Great Depression and World War II (Britannica School)....

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Roosevelt’s program of relief, recovery, and reform that aimed at solving the economic problems created by the Depression of the 1930’s, was referred to as the New Deal.

In the1932 election for president, Hoover lost to Franklin Roosevelt, the demorcratic candidate.

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Roosevelt took over as president in the year of 1933, “The country was in its depth of the Great Depression.” (Neal, 2010) Roosevelt’s New Deal consisted of implementing relief programs such as the Work Progress Administration and the Civil Wo...

Franklin Roosevelt, president at that time, had to choose his words carefully.

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It is in studying the Great Depression and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, that America’s most significant influential event can be found.

Roosevelt became president in March 1933 at the depth of the Great Depression.

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We will try, and if we decide that we are wrong, we will have to change.” --Franklin Delano Roosevelt about his promise of ‘a New Deal for the forgotten man.’ These are the words of a courageous man who demonstrated inspiration and hope to a country that had appeared to have spun out of economic control, a country in desperation.