Whydid the Weimar Republic Fail?

This became a problem as government continuously calling for new elections to settle disputes between coalition parties.
The fact that all 21 Weimar government was a coalition government contributed to political instability
Historians including Carl Heidrich argued that "It [Coalition government] was difficult to create and maintain coalitions." Article 48 This policy allowed the president in emergency situations to rule by decree
it allowed enemies of democracy like Hitler to seize power legally and destroyed the system as it didn't state the type of emergency.

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Democracy in 1919 - 1923 Germany under the Weimar Republic experienced a true democracy.

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Karl Bracher (German dictatorship) & Eberhard (The Weimar republic) believed that the republic overcame early problems, but didn't solve fundamental problems.

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Determinist view VS An alternative view Determinist View Suggests that the Weimar republic suffered from structural weaknesses when it emerged, the failure of Germany democracy was unavoidable.

[Accessed 12 April 13].What were the major flaws of the Weimar Republic that ultimately lead to it's failure?.

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• It was a provisional government formed due to the abdication of the Kaiser.

•The new parliament met in February 1919 and drew up a constitution that established Germany as a democracy.

•It was a constitution that would preserve German democracy, liberties and rights of the people.

•The republic consisted of the upper house (Reichsrat) and the lower house (Reichstag) Weimar Republic and democracy •Under the Weimar constitution, all Germans were to be equal before the law.

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Physical disillusionment The republic was established at a time where it faced numerous complex problems, therefore it had a negative effect on Germans as they contrasted the stability and the progress of pre-war Germany with Weimar Germany.
The republic was hated for signing the treaty of Versailles.
In 1919, the majority view was the army had not been defeated, but got "stabbed in the back" by the democrats.

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This can be caused by the abdication of the Kaiser, which led to the belief that the democratic republic was only a temporary replacement until a great leader stepped in.

The question of why the Weimar Republic failed has been explored by hundreds of historians.

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It was used over 130 times during 1919-1924
Eberhard Kolb believed that "Article 48 is often pointed as being one of the chief reasons for the collapse of the republic." Why did Democracy Fail Lack Of Democratic Tradition Germany didn't experience in a liberal democratic revolution and didn't fight for liberty, equality and rights.
As a result, these concepts were foreign to Germans
On the other hand, Germany had a history of strong rulers and German liberalism was strongly influenced by nationalism.
As the republic suffered from political disorder and economic crisis, Germans became to oppose the idea of democracy.

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The collapse of Weimar Germany & Democracy The Great Depression in October 1929 was an incentive for the lying problems of the republic to emerge due to a weak foundation
Extremist including Hitler used this opportunity to exploit the situation of the government to seize power.
The republic use a deflationary method as a solution to the economic crisis.