Students are expected to have sufficient knowledge and skills in the selected subject area. IB strongly advises against writing an extended essay in a subject that is not studied by the student.

Choice of Topic
Students should choose a topic that is:

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Criteria A (2 points): Research Question
The extent to which the focus of the essay is expressen and specified. This need not be in the form of a question. An example of an alternative form is a hypothesis.
Criteria B (3 points): Approach to the research question
The extent to which the essay appropriately addresses and devops the specific research question, including the collection of any relevant information.
Criteria C (4 points): Analysis/Interpretation
The extent to which relevant materials, sources, data and evidence are considered appropriately in the essay.
Criteria D (4 points): Argument/Evaluation
The extent to which the essay develops an argument relevant to the research question from the material/information considered.
Criteria E (2 points): Conclusion
The extent to which the essay incorporates a conclusion consistent with its argument, not necessarily in the form of a separate section.
Criteria F (2 points): Abstract
The adequacy of the formal abstract as a synopsis of the essay.
Criteria G (3 points): Formal Presentation
The layout, table of contents, references, bibliography, appendices, title, quotations, illustrations and organization, where appropriate.
Criteria H (4 points): Holistic Judgement
An overall assessment of qualities such as personal engagement, initiative, depth of understanding , insight, inventiveness and flair.

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You may see the general criterion and markbands on Managebac under the EE Assessment tab.

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About this website: The creator of this research site was Justin Spear, current CAS coordinator, and updated by Amy Jo Yeokum, the current Extended Essay coordinator at the Utica Academy for International Studies, an International Baccalaureate World School, in Sterling Heights, Michigan. If you or your students are using our website, we would love to know!! He can be reached at: . Please find links to his Creativity, Action, Service website at . The UAIS DP Parent Calendar can be downloaded from this attachment:

topic as well as monitoring the required elements for their Extended Essay
The extended essay is an IB core requirement, where students explore a subject in depth

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Choice of Subject
The subject in which the extended essay is registered must be chosen from the official list provided by IB. These fields include:

An extended essay in which subject out of economics, chemistry and biology is ..

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Unlike other Queensland schools, the Queensland Academies offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme as the only curriculum offering to students. Students commence at the Academies at the beginning of Year 10 for an immersion IB preparation program. The IB Diploma Programme, studied in Years 11 and 12 has the strengths of a traditional curriculum, but with three important additional features including the Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (ToK) and Creativity Action and Service (CAS).

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What is an Extended Essay?
The extended essay is a mandatory component of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The essay consists of an extensive independent research study of personal interest in an approved IB field or discipline that mirrors the rigor and expectations of collegial-level writing skills. The paper is typically between 3500-4,000 words (not exceeding) and includes a cover page, 300 word (or less) abstract, table of contents (if applicable), bibliography, and appendices. The essay must adhere to strict guidelines following appropriate style (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago) and utilizing accurate methods for referencing sources (e.g. footnotes and/or in-text citations). The entire research process should take students approximately 40-50 hours to complete. Students must work closely with an approved school district emplyee throughout the entire research process for five to ten hours.