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Without exploring issues such as thereliability of Church tradition and the contrary opinions ofsecular historians, it may be said here that this is yet anotherexample of McKinsey writing in a way that implies that the Bibleis all there is that records relevant Christian history, althoughhe certainly knows better. We recommend the works of Robert Wilken and Robin Lane Fox as a corrective to the general idea that martyrdom is the only type of persecution that matters.

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Create a APA approved Paper (Title Page) Type the Article according to APA format, correct spelling and grammar and proper citation of the source used for the critique

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Assignment: Using specific examples of written descriptions in the literary work and visuals in the movie, discuss the presentation of character contained in both.

Cite specific examples, giving page numbers, of the description that created the tone in the written work.
A critical essay is an analysis of a text such as a book, film, article, or painting

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A number of objections are tendered that certain verses referring to Moses in the third person indicate that he could not have written the Pentateuch (Ex. 24:13; Num. 1:1, 2:1; Deut. 33:1). This is simply without concern for ancient literary practice; authors in this time (and even today) refer to themselves thusly even outside of biographical literature. Josephus is a well-known example.

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It must equally be stated that even in the face of wrongdoing byprofessed believers, many true believers still chose to stand fortruth, despite whatever else was going on around them. It was BritishChristian abolitionists who helped overthrow slavery in England andconvinced the government to put up a blockade of ships to stop theAtlantic slave trade. Observations like these are conspicuouslyabsent from most of the writings of so-called 'truth seekers' and'honest, non-biased' critics of the Bible.

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McKinsey has had his errors called out before from his obviousattempt to circumvent any responsibility for his accusations againstthe NT. Of course, anyone looking beyond this thinly veiled attemptto blow off his critics, will see that he purposely ignoresbasic rules of literary interpretation in order to 'find' acontradiction. Primary among these, when studying ancient material,or material from ANY time period prior to the one we live in is thatwe not impose our culture and intepretations upon it. Instead, evenin those instances when we believe we understand the meaning of thedocuments, we need to check them against the cultural and literarywritings, culture and customs of the time period in question.