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Directed and edited by Anthony Harvey, the story, set in the winter of 1183, details the succession crisis faced by the aging King Henry II, as his three surviving sons vie for the crown, and Queen Eleanor plots, both with and aga...

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These views were expressed through various characters in his novel The Winter of Our Discontent .

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To successfully study how Shakespeare presents relationships between men and women in The Winter's Tale there are four main relationships to examine - Hermione and Leontes, Paulina and Antigonus, Perdita and Florizel, and Leontes and Paulina....

Although I enjoy the warmer months of summer, I also enjoy the cooler months of winter.

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It was almost the end of the day which would give way to a freezing night where most people would prefer to sleep or stay indoors; however, that was not the case with these merry men of the winter session as they hasti...

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The images the reader gets are cold, lonely, and dark as some think winter to be; however, in the second part the reader receives an image of bright colors which could be interpreted as a time of renewal, spring, or a time when things are looking up.

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shepherd and ploughman brings to the mind the image of a rural life, something like what we saw in " Winter" ( the same author) In both, out of some onomatopoeic words for a bird song and realistic sceneries of nature, the true beauty and ugliness is doubted....

In a sense, I have narrowed my favorite seasons down to two; summer and winter.

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Here, more so than in "The Oven Bird," the comfort of a warmly human subject is held out; no one who ever responded to a Norman Rockwell magazine cover could but be taken by the old man, alone in his house ("All out-of-doors looked darkly in at him"), unable to summon up the resources to hold the winter night at bay: What kept his eyes from giving back the gaze Was the lamp tilted near them in his hand....

Some sports are enjoyed only in particular seasons such as summer of winter.

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Through Fitzgerald’s short story, “Winter Dreams”, Dexter envisioned that economic success and seeking the possession of the unattainable would lead to happiness, but it would eventually lead to disarray and unhappiness....

Susan Bordo and John Berger writes’ an argumentative essay in relation to how viewing images have an effect on the way we interpret images.

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The design scheme is the same in almost every bus: rows and rows of brown seats, a thin black aisle down the middle of the bus, hundreds of hazy windows, and the big, lemon-yellow exterior.