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Because of external pressures from both competition and uncertainty about their primary tour, which accounts for 66.7% of their income, Black Water Rafting must diversify their offerings to customers to ensure future growth and a competitive advantage....

There is no purpose in paying dividends to stockholders when it is ..

cashing in a certificate of deposit to purchase a stock paying qualified dividends

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Instead, ESOPs are most commonly used to provide a market for the shares of departing owners of successful closely held companies, to motivate and reward employees, or to take advantage of incentives to borrow money for acquiring new assets in pretax dollars.

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Write-up Question 2 (at least 500 words). Describe the differences and similarities between your diet and food acquisition pattern and those of the !Kung (Ju/hoansi) as presented by Richard Lee. For example, what proportion of your diet is meat? How would you measure and describe your diet breadth. Is there a seasonal pattern to your diet? How many people do you share resources with? What shapes the pattern of resource sharing in our society? Please incorporate material from all the readings and lectures thus far.
Note: Before you tell me that you have it easy because you go to the store, remember you need to earn money (or someone does) to pay for all the food you acquire through shopping. If you add the time you spend working to your time devoted to food acquisition, then how does that affect your total time to food acquisition. What about time devoted to work to buy gas to provide transportation to the grocery store? Please think through all the elements of your pattern of food acquisition.

FINANCING - Cash raised from the issuance of new debt or equity capital or cash used to pay business expenses, past debts, or company dividends.
The advantage of paying dividends is that it signals the firm’s financial stability.

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In 2014 the Smith’s total federal income tax liability was $20,000. They were entitled to a refund of federal tax for that year of $18,000, since they paid $38,000 in federal income tax payments for 2014. The Smiths decided not to claim this refund, and elected, on their 2014 federal return, to treat this excess payment of $18,000 as applied against their 2015 federal estimated tax.

the stockholders can achieve after paying taxes on the distributed dividends.

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These ratios show that PBCis an excellent position; its dividend policy, of not paying dividends based onthe EPS increase stresses this (the compounded annual growth rate formulaestablishes an average of 21% per year between 2002 and 2009).

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In almost all cases the dividends which the Smiths received are “qualified ones”. In such cases the corporations which pays the dividends should indicate that Box 1a of IRS Form 1099-Div which is entitled “ordinary dividends is equal in amount to Box 1b which is entitled “qualified dividends. This is important information for us to know when completing a tax return using Turbo Tax because this program requires that for each company a Box 1a and Box 1b information be entered. The Box 1a and Box 1b amounts will be equal whenever a domestic corporation or one listed on a U.S Securities market pays a dividend (recall from the Chapter 6 notes that a dividend by definition is a distribution out of either current or accumulated earnings and profits)..