Kohlberg followed the development of moral judgment beyond the ages.

Each discovery has its own point of view; Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development point was made for parents and teachers challenge the child's abilities, Kohlberg’s theory of Moral Development was based on the understandings of moral concepts such as justice, rights, equality and human welfare....

Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development

One of the widely known theorist moral development is Lawrence Kohlberg.

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In summary though, cognitive development is the processes by which learning is developed by the construction of thought processes, memory, solving problems, decision-making and covers the life span from childhood to adulthood, but learning does not necessarily stop with adulthood.

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Knowing the influence of social interaction on child development in the first few years, the essay is going to elaborate upon the implication of social interaction on the development of cognition....

This essay will examine the theories of five leaders on the subject of development.

Lawrence Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development

Absorption in civic involvement, from the point of view Thoreau gives us, dimin-ishes the independent self and therefore diminishes the ability to think for oneself, which is necessary for the use of the full range of moral judgment....

Kohlberg led a movement in the study of moral development

Generally speaking, when individuals make moral decisions about the right course of action in a situation but are unable to carry it out, they will experience moral distress.

Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development

A man by the name of Andrew Jameton defined moral distress in 1984 as “a phenomenon that arises when one knows the right thing to do, but institutional constraints make it nearly impossible to pursue the right course of action” (Nursing Forum, 2007)....

He started as a developmental psychologist and then moved to thefield of moral education.

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There are pros and cons in involving the public in this issue. Sex is part of human nature and therefore it is only prudent to involve the public in regards to this. In addition, because the public is involved in decision-making, they will be more willing to adhere to the resulting rules. A disadvantage however is the creation of more room for immorality in an attempt to accommodate as many divergent views as possible. A decision made by the democratic process is not always right but will be in force as a reflection of the will of the majority. In addition, decisions involving a large group of people take longer to make than those made by a smaller group. With public involvement, it will be a long time before a majority agrees on the ethics to be in force. On sexual issues, my take is to apply the bible; embrace what is allowed, and do away with what is condemned, with or without public involvement.

He saw this as one of the ways in which moraldevelopment can be promoted through formal education.

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While Kohlbergalways believed in the existence of Stage 6 and had some nomineesfor it, he could never get enough subjects to define it, much lessobserve their longitudinal movement to it.

Hock, what is discussed is Lawrence Kohlberg’s research on the formation of morality.

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Keywords: infants, development, experience Cognitive Development in Infants Introduction Advancement made in regard to cognitive neuroscience has enabled a better understanding of the cognitive processes in infants....