English arose as the predominant language of the United States.

Today, English is one of the most widely spoken languages globally and perhaps the most common lingua franca in the world according to the British Council....

What is to blame for the collapse of the English language.

English, is a set of dialects of the English language used mostly in the United States.

All learners make errors in the process of learning English.

Noma LeMoine, AEMP is a response to an article entitled, “The Children Can No Longer Wait: An Action Plan to End Low Achievement and Establish Educational Excellence,” which outlines the difficulties of nonstandard English speakers and the failure of the school district to successfully address these deficiencies (LeMoine, 1999, p....

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Little did Columbus know that not only did his voyage help ending one of the longest and darkest periods in Europe’s history, but it also made way for the English language world conquest half a millennium later.

Often times these kids butcher the English language through their text messages.

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Learning English as a second language is a barrier that must be overcome if the student is expected to progress through the American education system and can have definite impacts on learning all other subjects, because if the student doesn’t have a mastery of English mechanics it effects the ability of that student to master other subject areas due to the language barrier....

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However, once I began researching, I soon found that even the relatively narrow-seeming topic of English education in Korea is more complex and contentious than I thought because the emphasis on the English language has different meanings and implications, depending on...

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The grammar reference books I intend to analyze and compare are “A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language” (ACGEL) and “Cambridge Grammar of English” (CGE).

The beginning of the English learning stage is a time to get engaged in reading and writing.

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Hobbes's Leviathan and Behemoth as Histories of the English Revolution - Mark S.

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This essay will discuss how my understanding of SLWR has evolved, and in examining the links between lectures and workshops, further reading and school based training (SBT), will reflect on how this has impacted on my development as an Engli...

Well, today I am delighted to tell you that my writing has improved significantly after taking the English 101 class conducted by Professor Rob Geis.

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I chose this question because I plan to teach in an urban school district, and I know urban students often have a difficult time learning to speak Standard English.