prices of everything is going up “inflation ..

feels that there are short run and long run reasons for the increasing prices.
On the short run, we can thank an extra long winter for using up a lot of our
gasoline reserves.

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Oil prices are also hiking up the ..

It is pertinent to highlight different ways of reducing gas emission and promoting green environment. Hybrid vehicles such as public transport can support in the cause of going green. Small but efficient cars can also prove to be useful particularly in large cities. In other words, hybrid vehicles can be labeled as 'environment-friendly' because of combining electric motor with internal combustion engine which is helpful in reducing dangerous effects of emission noxious gasoline combustion products.

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However, many people carry the misconception that there is a very limited amount of natural gas, and that we may use all of it up.
This whole thing where gas and oil prices are going up every dollar everyday ..

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Just another example of
how Americans are spoiled brats.

According to Charles Krauthhammer of the May 6, 1996 issue of the Washington
Post, increases in gasoline prices aren't as simple as supply and demand.

things that I already know about gas prices that they prices have gone up ..

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with all the money we spent into gas they want to really know when prices are ever going down.

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