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The timely use of vaccines curbs the high rates of morbidity and mortality to save the healthcare system of billions of dollars. It is estimated that for every $1 that the government spends on childhood vaccinations, about $10 is saved in treatment costs of such diseases. An outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease is not only detrimental to the population’s health, but it is also very costly. Stopping such an outbreak costs the state over $10,000 per case. If those who are affected at any one time in an outbreak had been vaccinated, the resulting expenses of curing the diseases would be avoided(Hawke et al., 2014). On the global level, vaccinations save economies billions of dollars in expenses. Therefore, mandatory vaccination programs are great investments as they are cost effective. This is the reality that the opponents should consider while making decisions not to vaccinate their children.

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The paper outlines facts that strongly support the case for mandatory vaccination. It argues that vaccination can be justified even with the existence of a libertarian political framework. The paper weighs the benefits of vaccination against disadvantages. It further suggests ideas of how a nation can encourage people to accept vaccination. According to the study, those people that refuse vaccinations deny other people a chance to participate in upholding the moral principle of preventing unjust harm or risk. The findings of the research state that, there are many reasons why people in a libertarian framework may be forced to accept certain vaccines. Some of these reasons include the requirement by the law to serve the common, and recommendations made by an analysis of cost verses benefits of using a vaccine. The most crucial reason however would be the strong need to prevent harm from the society, which is caused by wrongful impositions made by the anti-vaccination campaigns.

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The development of modern vaccine technology should not be curtailed by inadequate information on the part of proponents. Public health is beyond the freedom of choice, and it should not be left to the individuals to make the final decisions on a matter of this magnitude. It is evident that vaccines have reduced rates of morbidity and mortality related to infectious diseases. Numerous reports indicate that there have been up to 99% reductions in various life-threatening and infectious diseases in the U.S. and around the world. Given that children are the most vulnerable to contracting diseases, the states should enforce mandatory vaccination programs. There are too many infants at the risk of dying if they do not receive vaccinations against certain diseases. The anti-vaccine movement should not be allowed to quote unfounded data on the ineffectiveness of vaccines. Moreover, vaccinations are meant to benefit the entire population remains free of preventable diseases.

California has used this strategy, but it is recommended that those against vaccinations should be informed rather than punish the innocent children.
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Woeltje and Babcock‘s purpose in this research is to challenge the efficacy of the vaccine used to prevent influenza. The authors recommend that vaccination against influenza should not only be mandatory, but a better vaccine is needed to counter mortality rate as a result of influenza and other diseases. The main opinions expressed are that, with the available influenza vaccine, there is a 55%-70% efficacy rate of being vaccinated as compared to 0% efficacy rate without vaccination. Secondly, from the research, it was found out that though there has been continued efforts to vaccinate health workers for more than a decade, there is still a quarter of health workers that do not receive a vaccination. The author strongly advocates for patient’s protection and suggests together with enhancing mandatory vaccination, health workers should use all tools available to protect patients. Health workers should continue cleaning the patients’ rooms thoroughly, use gloves when carrying out surgical procedures and administer antibiotics promptly. The authors of this research are confident that in future, better vaccines will be invented, and 100% of the population will conform to mandatory policies.

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Childhood vaccinations in the U.S.A. have been recorded to be the highest of all developed countries. By their first birthday, children in the U.S. will have received about 26 vaccinations. Children in Japan are estimated to receive just over ten within the same period. Opponents of vaccinations doubt the effectiveness of vaccinations in the U.S.A. given that it has the highest infant mortality worldwide. According to Isaacs, Kilham & Marshall (2014), about six infant deaths are recorded for every 1000 births in the U.S.A. The fact is that this statistic could be worse without the intervention of vaccines. In the state of California, Gov. Brown signed a bill that made it compulsory for all children in public and private schools to be vaccinated. Earlier exemptions associated with religion were abolished in the wake of the measles outbreak in Disney in 2015. Those opposed to compulsory vaccinations view the legislation as oppressive and strict despite it being used in the aftermath of the measles outbreak in California that affected over 100 persons within a short time. It is such an outbreak that is forcing state legislations to demand mandatory childhood vaccinations for the sake of public healthcare. So far, only California, West Virginia, and Mississippi have come up with new legislation that does not consider previous nonmedical exceptions in administering childhood vaccinations. In a more general picture, only 46 states consider religion as an exemption while 17 include both religion and personal factors in their exemptions’ list. This is a strong argument being made for the case of mandatory childhood vaccinations across the U.S.A.