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Paper instructions:The paper should be 8 pages in length with at least 8 sources and a minimum of one in-text citation for each paragraph. The paper should address the problem of Aids/HIV in Africa and how it is affecting world peace. It also needs to have headings which includes, introduction, causes of the problem, attempted of remedy and failure ,recommendations of resolving this problem and a conclusion..

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In Kenya, safe-sex commercials are banned. In addition, in 2009, the Pope Benedict, on a trip through Africa, banned the use of condoms in general. In 2013 the catholic church renewed banning of condoms in catholic schools. Muslim leaders have taken a similar stance in 2008. These are just a few examples demonstrating the significant pressure – and in some cases, condemnation – from both Christian and Muslim religious leaders in regard to AIDS and preventative-care education. Unfortunately, these stances have significantly impeded progress of a variety of safe-sex campaigns.

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A large factor preventing people from getting tested and treated for HIV/AIDS is the cultural stigma associated with it. In addition to stigma, there are several other factors medical professionals site as being detrimental to HIV treatment such as male promiscuity and polygamy in some places. One unproven cultural factor consistently mentioned is that the practice of female genital mutilation has led to an increased occurrence of AIDS in Africa. The hypothesis is that intercourse with a circumcised female is conducive to an exchange of blood.

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Suspicions about modern medicine are common throughout the world, and especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Such distrust appears to have an essential impact on utilizing medical services. This distrust is occasionally associated with theories of a “Western Plot” of mass sterilization or reduction in population; thought to be an aftermath of multiple high profile occurrences including Western medical practitioners.

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AIDS and HIV is an epidemic that is increasing among the African American population with roots tracing back to Africa, AIDS and HIV needs greater exposure and more awareness within the African American community and in the homosexual community....

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AIDS is one of the most high profile diseases of the modern world and it's feared everywhere. While it's made many people change their lifestyles in the west, though, the place it's made the most impact is in Africa. AIDS in Africa may come up as a specific essay topic, or you may be assigned an essay on AIDS and decide to focus on Africa as your theme. Either way there are a number of interesting issues to look into. Here are a few suggestions.