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My 6th grade Language Arts class requires students to write at least three essays over the course of the year, so I decided that it would be worthwhile to invest a significant amount of time and effort at the beginning of the year to ensure that all of my Language Arts students had access to the same training and expectations.

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If you are a student or former student in my six traits assessment class, write me and I will send you a login and password for this area. If you've been trained in 6-trait assessment, write me and tell me about your training and I'll enroll you in this site. This section is also open to guests. However guests won't be able to score the papers. ~ Dennis:

Six Traits Essay Rubric – 371103

Portfolio assessment seems like a much more student centered authentic evaluation. Teachers would need practice and training to make this work. That’s why the next chapter on the six-trait model is so promising. The authors develop a pretty comprehensive set of rubrics that allow teachers to (and I hate to say this) quantify the difficult task of judging “quality writing.” I don’t mean quantify in terms of assigning a grade for the different mastery level, but quantify in terms of ordering the tasks and levels for each trait. Most teachers are familiar with some form of the four questions the authors mention on page 131. The six-trait model focuses on creating rubrics for measurement, but more importantly they use rating descriptors that allow for effective communication between student and teacher. Student growth can only occur if the student has a path to follow.

Six Traits Essay Rubric
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