“Reason and Nature in Wordsworth.” Journal of History of Idea.

In 1802, Wordsworth married Mary Hutchinson. Realizing that Wordsworth now required a more steady source of income, Coleridge introduced him to Sir George Beaumont, a wealthy art patron who became Wordsworth’s benefactor and friend. Beaumont facilitated the publication of the Poems of 1807; in that collection, Wordsworth once again displayed his extraordinary talent for nature description and infusing an element of mysticism into ordinary experience. Always fascinated by human psychology, he also stressed the influence of childhood. Most reviewers singled out ”Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood” as perhaps Wordsworth’s greatest production.

A poet who does this the most is William Wordsworth.

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Asserting in the preface to his Lyrical Ballads that poetry should comprise ”language really used by men,” William Wordsworth challenged the prevailing eighteenth-century notion of formal poetic diction and thereby profoundly affected the course of modern poetry. His major work, The Prelude, a study of the role of the imagination and memory in the formation of poetic sensibility, is now viewed as one of the most seminal long poems of the nineteenth century. The freshness and emotional power of Wordsworth s poetry, the keen psychological depth of his characterizations, and the urgency of his social commentary make him one of the most important writers in English.

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Wordsworth always thought of himself as a humanist writer, so it just made sense that his poems written during the industrial revolution were completed about nature du...


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With his words, Wordsworth makes this message perpetual and everlasting....

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William Wordsworth was born in Cockermouth, England, the second son of john and Anne Cookson Wordsworth. An attorney for a prominent local aristocrat, john Wordsworth provided a secure and comfortable living for his family. But with his wife s death in 1778, the family became dispersed: The boys were enrolled at a boarding school in Hawkeshead, and Wordsworth s sister, Dorothy, was sent to live with cousins in Halifax. in the rural surroundings of Hawkeshead, situated in the lush Lake District, Wordsworth early learned to love nature, including the pleasures of walking and outdoor play. He equally enjoyed his formal education, demonstrating a talent for writing poetry. The tranquility of his years at Hawkeshead was marred by the death of his father in 1783. Left homeless, the Wordsworth children spent their school vacations with various relatives, many of whom regarded them as nothing more than a financial burden. Biographers have pointed out that Wordsworth s frequently unhappy early life contrasts sharply with the idealized portrait of childhood he presented in his poetry.

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A selection of images and manuscripts related to the history and geography of Tintern Abbey, the subject of Wordsworth's poem "Lines, Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey," and critical commentaries. U of Michigan Special Collections Library.

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Farnell, Gary. is literally the autobiography of an orphan, Farnell notes, since it records in a disjointed way the death of his mother when he was almost eight and of his father when he was thirteen. But although the poem is about Wordsworth's mental growth, the deaths of his parents are barely mentioned, which has lead many critics to speculate about the emotions that stand behind this. 13 (1999).