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William Goldman starts The Princess Bride by telling us that it's his favorite book in the whole world… even though he's never read it. Does that make you scratch your head a bit? Here's why: Goldman's father used to read it to him when he was just a young boy. So technically, he's never read it himself.

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The Prince of the land chooses Buttercup to be his bride, regardless to her feelings.

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He sets off for America “to make his fortune across the sea.” She later finds out that he and his ship have been murdered by the Dread Pirate Roberts “who never leaves captives alive.” Scene: Humperdink castle, Prince Humperdink is announcing his bride-to-be and we find out it is the Princess Buttercup....

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Right from the beginning during the extended introductory sequence in which William Goldman explains how he came to know the S. Morgenstern’s The Princess Bride in edited form and what has driven him to edit it and annotate for public consumption in a new revised form, there is the suggestion that for no one life is exactly what might be termed fair. Although the life that is detailed as being the the biographical strain of “William Goldman” is circumstantially different from the life of the actual William Goldman, he lets us know that it is not what he imagined. He even allowed that his marriage is not one that can be characterized entirely accurately as “happy.”

The movie, The Princess Bride, conforms to the concept that the villain turns into a hero, and always gets the damsel in distress.

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Nowadays, it's pretty common for English teachers to downplay a book's plot and put more emphasis on themes and symbols. But let's be honest: A super cool plot is what keeps us interested in a story most of the time, and that's exactly what Goldman wants to celebrate in The Princess Bride. This may not be considered great literature (though it clearly has staying power), but that's kind of Goldman's point: Read for the pure joy of getting lost in a story.

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When was the last time you let yourself get totally swept up in a fantastical world with no regard to your topic sentence or the opening paragraph of a paper? If you're reading this and you're in the middle of the school year, chances are decent it might've been a while. If not, more power to you; but if this is indeed the case, then consider The Princess Bride an official invitation from Goldman to read just for the fun of it. After all, life isn't just about term papers—it's about having fun, too. And this book is definitely fun.

The  section for The Princess Bride is a greatresource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

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So if you like giants, sword fights, and overgrown rats—or you just enjoy a book that messes with your head a bit—pick up a copy of The Princess Bride and join its legions of fans.

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Based on its title, you might guess that this book's a fairytale. And you're right—it is—but it's a fairytale that pushes the boundaries of the genre. So time and again, when you think you know how things might turn out based on typical fairytale plot progressions, this one messes with your expectations. Just like the whole Goldman-Goldman-Morgenstern set-up is a bit twisted and unusual, so, too, is the story of the princess bride herself and the various men ensnared in her plot line.

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Because life isn’t fair. And among all the romance and swashbuckling and high adventure, that is ultimately the lesson that the reader is intended to take away from The Princess Bride.