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In the past four years of my life, no activity has affected me more than wrestling. Four years of varsity wrestling and the honor of being a team captain has instilled many qualities in me. First, through years of hard work and continuous dieting, wrestling has given me discipline. This discipline has spread to other parts of my personality, including my moral character, work ethic, and perserverence. Another quality wrestling has given me is leadership. As a team captain, I have learned to lead by example, both on and off the mat. Above all, though, wrestling has given me a love of life. Through this sport, I have experienced pain, sacrifice, adversity, and success. Exposure to these feelings-which are, in my opinion, the essence of being-has allowed me to truly appreciate life. I hope to continue wrestling at Georgetown.

Seven Qualities of a Good Leader

Other people believe that the best way of learning about life is through personal experience.

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The concept of leadership has always elicited a hot debate. Leadership is a subjective term, for there are some leadership qualities that may be beneficial in one situation, but harmful in others. Thus, there is no universal instrument of measuring the qualities of a great leader. Having said that, there are some qualities that are fairly common among leaders in all spheres of life. These qualities don’t usually come under dispute, and people universally agree to their effectiveness in defining a great leader.

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The most important quality that a good leader must possess is the ability to lead. Being a leader means managing groups of people small and large. In order to properly lead the people, a leader should be self-confident. He/she must have the guts to inspire the people to blindly follow him/her, to do whatever is expected of them. If a leader should falter in self-confidence or allow even a shadow of doubt to cross his/her face, that will mean certain panic for the followers. For example, the great revolutions of Alexander the Great or Napoleon Bonaparte wouldn’t have been successful if these people were riddled with self-doubt. They were so determined in their objectives that they didn’t allow any problem to sway them.

Beowulf, like other epic heroes, possesses the following heroic qualities: epic heroes are superhuman types of beings.
Beowulf, like other epic heroes, possesses the following heroic qualities: epic heroes are superhuman types of beings....

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In addition to self-confidence, a leader should possess democratic tendencies. He should be prepared to listen to what his followers have to say. This goes for both governments and organizations. If a project manager is not prepared to listen to the findings and opinions of a member of his team, it wouldn’t be possible for him to fully appraise the situation. Similarly, in a government, a leader should be prepared to listen to the opinions of his/her people and the cabinet. Without this quality, a leader is likely to fall prey to the insidious disease of autocracy, which would quickly swallow any sense of democracy in a nation, and propel it into becoming a dictatorship, and no matter what the statistics say, the majority of dictatorships have a very grim future.