True beauty shines from within the soul.

The gave Bernstein the opportunity to shine not only as acomposer, but as a brilliant pianist. Also in the RCA series was a bracing 1947performance of the Copland , which Bernstein studied with the composerand of which he presumably gave a definitive interpretation. There is also a 1946 readingwith the Philharmonia Orchestra of the Ravel , a work with whichBernstein had dazzled audiences from the very start of his career and which underlinedBernstein's versatility by featuring him in the dual role of soloist and conductor.

beauty is more than skin deep, true beauty shines from within

beauty of the heart that shines within us.

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Indeed, films of Bernstein conducting at the time show him to have been mostly wild anduninhibited on the podium. Interestingly, for Mozart and Beethoven he lapsed into achaste, traditional function of time-beating with expressive accents, much as otherconductors did for all music. For overtly emotional music, though, Bernstein flung himselfat the orchestra, making desperate, clutching gestures with his bare hands (à la JoeCocker), as if trying to wrest music out of the very air before him. Only after 1957, inorder to compensate for back problems, did Bernstein resort to using a baton. Even then,his face continued to reflect a full gamut of extreme emotion, from excruciating pain tooverwhelming bliss. No musician could possibly play routinely when the leader was soovertly involved and enthused.

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Having associated with contemporary composers and having written much modern musichimself, Bernstein was well aware that the pivotal significance of transcended mere popularity. Indeed, so much of what we now accept as "modernmusic" derives from . Carl Van Vechten (who got beat up in the openingnight melee) recalled that the audience had reacted so violently because they found thewhole thing "a blasphemous attempt to destroy music as an art." With the benefitof perspective, Edwin Evans more aptly described the score as "a conflict which isforever rending and tearing, not in order to destroy, but in order to emerge."Stravinsky recognized that traditional classical music had become stagnant and had toevolve quickly. He did not set out to destroy the old music, but his jagged rhythms, wildharmonies and violent dynamics gave birth to so much of the music of our time. Thus theproblem Bernstein faced was to present the score with startling freshness to an audiencethat was apt to take its innovations for granted. After all, in the 45 years since thepremiere of modern notions of rhythm had grown sophisticated through jazz,traditional musical form had become superseded by chance music, the outer bounds oftonality and dissonance had been supplanted by serial music, and crashing chords seemeddownright placid compared to high-decibel rockers and computer-generated .

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“Because true beauty comes from within, from the person you are.”

When Hitler rose to power and blamed the war on the Jews, hardly anyone objected. Initially, he did not plan to exterminate the Jews, but only to expel them from his country. In the summer of 1938, when Hitler heard that there is a conference in Evian, France, to discuss the possibility of helping the Jews move out of Germany, he said, “We are ready to put all these criminals at the disposal of these countries, for all I care, even on luxury ships.” But as the nations do not want the Jews today, they did not want them then. With suave indifference, country by country excused itself from taking in Jews. The Australian delegate, T. W. White, sarcastically noted, “As we have no real racial problem, we are not desirous of importing one.”

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What do you want—an adorable pancreas?

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The most common error made in matters of appearance is the belief that one should disdain the superficial and let the true beauty of one's soul shine through.

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Thank you for the thought provoking article, and I am impressed also by the comments it has evoked. There is such a broad diversity of responses to the main message of the article–that Jews must practice and publish the principle “Love your friend as yourself!” It occurs to me that the one common denominator in all the reactions, among the various respondents, whether written outright or implied, is a longing for the implementation of love in the world between all the various religions, nations, ethnicities. In the sense that this now world-famous principle of loving one another did certainly spring from the ideological tradition outlined in this article, the Jews have been a light to the nations. We all feel the sublime beauty contained in the principle. If only we could find a way to sit as equals and focus on how to manifest this state between us, what problems could not be solved? Who cares about dogmas, customs, rules, blame, etc.; it is the state of love between us that we need because it can make a place for everyone. We would do well to study the ancient texts of the ideological tradition to brought this concept to the world and discover the method of how to make it real among us in our ordinary lives. If there is a leader(s) in the science of how to make love real in the world, I would call such a messiah. One thing is certainly clear, it is only through unity that true wisdom and peace will be established, through somehow learning how to sit together and unite above all that divides us in a way that all feel heard and respected. Anyone who knows how to lead us to this, please step forward! If we Jews have the know-how in our tradition, let us unearth it and use it to heal our fractured world. It does feel as if we are “living on a powder keg and giving off sparks.”