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Just like The Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies was a great success—although we're not convinced that Suzanne Collins is going to follow in William Golding's steps by winning a for "illuminat[ing] the human condition of the world today."

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Secondly, the fact that things are not as they seem, for example, "The vicious morning sun," and, "the desire to squeeze and hurt was over-mastering," from The Beach and Lord of the Flies respectively....

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Simon stares at the head, which he calls "the Lord of the Flies" as it tells him (he's hallucinating, by the way) that it is the beast and that it is part of him (Simon). Simon passes out, gets a bloody nose, and wakes up covered in sweat, blood, and other generally disgusting things. Despite all this, he decides to continue up the mountain to face the beast, i.e. dead guy. Then he vomits and staggers down the mountain.

Although Lord of the Flies may be a complex novel, the use of Piggy to portray themes is to catch the reader’s attention and provoke them to think....

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When Lord of the Flies opens, a plane carrying a group of British boys ages 6 to 12 has crashed on a deserted island in the . (Also, apparently the world is at war. This matters.) With no adults around, the boys are left to fend for and govern themselves. Things start out okay. The boys use a as a talking stick, and Ralph, one of the older boys, becomes "chief."

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So before you write off Lord of the Flies as unrealistic and pat yourself on the back for thinking that if you were stranded on a desert island you'd be forming cooperatives and making netting out of vines, think about the Stanford Prison Experiment. It seems that college students being stuck in a basement isn't a situation so unlike young boys stranded on an island—they both show us that human nature can be ugly stuff.

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Naturally, this was a huge success in Victorian England—but Golding wasn't so impressed. His Lord of the Flies, which uses many of the same character names that Ballantyne did, shows almost the opposite scenario: instead of the boys conquering the heathen wild, the heathen wild conquers the boys.

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