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It recognizes the nonobjectivity of the world andis no longer concerned with providing illustrations of the history ofmanners.Nonobjective feeling has, in fact, always been the only possible sourceof art, so that in this respect Suprematism is contributing nothing newbut nevertheless the art of the past, because of its use of objectivesubject matter, harbored unintentionally a whole series of feelings whichwere alien to it.But a tree remains a tree even when an owl builds a nest in a hollow ofit.Suprematism has opened up new possibilities to creative art, since byvirtue of the abandonment of so called "practical consideration," aplastic feeling rendered on canvas can be carried over into space.

Plastic Art and Pure Plastic Art ..

since the expression of the essence of art has been veiled

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The virtuosity of the objectiverepresentation is the only thing admired.If it were possible to extract from the works of the great masters thefeeling expressed in them the actual artistic value, that is and to hidethis away, the public, along with the critics and the art scholars, wouldnever even miss it.So it is not at all strange that my square seemed empty to thepublic.If one insists on judging an art work on the basis of the virtuosity ofthe objective representation the verisimilitude of the illusion and thinkshe sees in the objective representation itself a symbol of the inducingemotion, he will never partake of the gladdening content of a work ofart.The general public is still convinced today that art is bound to perishif it gives up the imitation of "dearly loved reality" and so it observeswith dismay how the hated element of pure feeling abstraction makes moreand more headway...Art no longer cares to serve the state and religion, it no longerwishes to illustrate the history of manners, it wants to have nothingfurther to do with the object, as such, and believes that it can exist, inand for itself, without "things" (that is, the "time tested well spring oflife").But the nature and meaning of artistic creation continue to bemisunderstood, as does the nature of creative work in general, becausefeeling, after all, is always and everywhere the one and only source ofevery creation.The emotions which are kindled in the human being are stronger than thehuman being himself...

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World Flag Ant Farm consists of a series of interconnecting plastic boxes filled with colored sand representing world flags. Ants were released into each flag in the system. Over the course of time the ants carried food and sand between the flags, eventually resulting in the disintegration of each flag, and the intermixing of colors within each flag. Yanagi made a profound statement using the natural movements of ants. Yanagi said "If the travels of the ant show us anything, it is that he wanders to resume the task he has been programmed to perform, not to aquire freedom." (as quoted in Digital Art Resource for Education DARE).

vulgarity and ugliness—where art has become bereft of any objective ..
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