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3. Math Cannot Be an Afterthought
From the first days of school, your kids should be exposed to math concepts. "When your child is preschool age, what you need to know is this: there is no need to wait until children are older and are able to think and speak in more abstract ways to introduce math concepts," Tyre writes in . "A certain kind of math ability seems to be innate in all of us and has been measured days after birth." Which means, in your child's preschool class you should hear teachers discussing basic math concepts with students. Things like greater than, less than, bigger, smaller and reinforcing the number concept ("How much is three?"). As a parent you can follow up on these things at home by doing something as simple as counting the number of Cheerios in the morning. Don't like math or convinced you are bad at it? Don't tell your kids. Tyre said parents who pass an antimath sentiment on to their kids hurt their chances of success. In the U.S., parents, kids and even teachers may describe a person as "bad at math," but in other countries where kids perform better in math, if a student is not performing well in math, parents, kids and teachers say he or she needs to work harder. "Math is not a talent; like having a good singing voice, it's a muscle you develop," Tyre said. Be on the lookout for a teacher who expresses a great deal of enthusiasm about math, she said. "You do not want a teacher who is scared of math," she said.

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i disagree with you. i donyt think parents should make decisions for their child's future. it is true that parents know whats best for their kids, but in the end, its the child's decision. for example... if the parents thought that their child should be a doctor, but the child doesnt like blood, they could not like their job. i think that the parents should help their child in making decisions, but not make the full choice. in conclusion, i think that parents should NOT make their children's future decisions.


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The second most important decision you will make as a parent — apart from deciding to have the kid in the first place — is deciding which school for them to enroll in. Make the right decision and you could put them on a path toward lifelong learning, a prestigious college education and a successful career. Choose wrong, and well, you know. Talk about pressure. Luckily for parents, Peg Tyre, author of and a former education reporter, has a new book to help parents evaluate both schools and teachers so they can find the right place for their child. Fittingly, it's called . Tyre spoke to TIME about which questions you should ask when you're evaluating a school — whether your child is starting pre-K or switching schools in the middle of fourth grade — and why math is key in every grade.

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They forget that young people are capable of making wise decisions too.In my opinion, young people should seek the advice of their parents and teachers when choosing their careers.

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I disagreee wiith uuu!! :(
I think U should decide on Ur OWN future cuz its ur future not theirs. i know some people think oh parents know best but ur old enough and responsible to make good decisions and if ur not then its ur parents fault for not raising u properly. u know wat u want and dont more than anyone else. and some people arnt really close wit their parents or their parents wernt around for them. What i think is parents should HELP you choose your future NOT do all of the decision making. and if their going to choose their childs future its only if the child comes up to the parents and tells them to.

I strongly suggest they stick to it and let the child decide.

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