A divine worshipwhich we give to God as his royal prerogative.

The English duke, on the other hand, had no sovereignty, hence, even though he was considered to be of the high nobility in his country, he was not a royal.

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Renunciation, acceptance or acquiescence to the new regime or usurping government, carelessness, silence or neglect, or failure to use one's sovereign titles or heraldry or even the lose of who is the rightful heir --- all of these actions amount to a full abandonment or dispossession of all the precious and priceless prerogatives of royalty, nobility and sovereignty.

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In other words, that their progenitors were the former kings and princes of the land and they, the successors or heirs, have never renounced their royal prerogatives.

This is also true of the Ruling or High Prince of Liechtenstein and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who are also royal heads of state.


However, even if such a despotic king is rightfully thrown out and deprived of his throne, it must be remembered that his heirs still have the right to rule in his place and to succeed him with all his former rights and royal prerogatives.

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Therefore, no usurper or subsequent government has the lawful power or authority to take away a family's inalienable royal or sovereign prerogatives; not by vote, referendum, court degree, invasion, war, revolution or uprising.

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Titles of nobility essentially arise from the exercise of thesovereign's prerogative; and, in that respect, the executive branch (asrepresented by the ministry of Justice) is the heir of sovereigns past. So questions arising over the meaning and intent of these sovereign actsshould be resolved by the sovereign or his modern equivalent. Thereis appeal from such decisions to the administrative courts only to ensurethat the executive branch has acted coherently and in conformity with itsown rules, but the ordinary courts have nothing to say because this isnot a matter of justice, but a matter of grace, so to speak.

All royal prerogatives, without exception are, in such a case, transferred to the person next in line to the throne of that particular territory.

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His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, K.G., K.T., G.C.B., O.M., A.K., Q.S.O., P.C., A.D.C., Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland, is a deeply unpopular man.

That is, an ancient king or sovereign prince could legally and lawfully convey every royal right and prerogative they own to another.

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They are not normally considered royal, yet they often held the right in full, and like any true monarch, his or her sovereignty had its origin in the same four basic regal prerogatives:

This essay is concerned with The Royal Prerogative Power of Mercy, which no longer ..

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Sundberg, Professor Emeritus of Law, "Regarding dethroned princely Houses and their legal rights," Stockholm, September 15, 2006: ) In addition, such may use "the sovereign prerogatives known as and , with the ability to confer nobiliary titles, with or without predicates, noble arms, honorific titles and chivalric distinctions relating to their hereditary dynastic Orders." (Ibid.) This is an extremely significant ruling that confirms everything we have taught in this thesis on royalty, nobility and sovereignty.